Teams of Gunmen Raiding Texas Border Homes

texas-mapTeams of gunmen have been running rampant in various communities near the Texas border, storming into homes demanding drugs or robbing victims at gunpoint.

In one night, a team of hooded gunmen carrying rifles stormed at least three homes, assaulting the victims inside while demanding cash or drugs.  Just one day later, a team of gunmen shot a robbery victim and led authorities in a high speed chase and managed to flee.

Information provided by the did Sheriff’s Office revealed that the attacks began on Sunday late night and continued onto early Monday morning where–in a span of hours–the gunmen struck three separate homes and unconfirmed information points to a possible fourth being ransacked.

hidalgo-county-line-signIn the first attack, three hooded gunmen stormed a house in a rural community near this border city. The gunmen ordered the family inside to get down on the floor while they looked for drugs. The gunmen stole various electronic items from the house.

Less than 30 minutes after the first robbery, authorities responded to another rural home near the border city of Mission. In that attack, the gunmen stormed into the house and struck the homeowner of the house in the head with one of the rifles. The gunmen demanded drugs as they kicked him several times in front of his family. The gunmen also stole various electronic items from the house.

hidalgo-county-sheriffs-vehiclesAbout two hours later, authorities responded to a third home invasion where a team of five hooded gunmen stormed a house. The homeowner told authorities that he woke up to seeing the team of gunmen in his house. While no one was injured in that attack the gunmen stole a television on their way out.

The latest attack took place on Tuesday night when a team of gunmen riding in a dark colored SUV ambushed, robbed and shot a 36-year-old man as he was leaving a convenience store in the rural border town of Donna.

The victim was able to provide a description of the vehicle and the gunmen. Sheriff’s deputies spotted a vehicle matching the description shortly after and with the help of Texas State Troopers tried to pull it over. The gunmen managed to elude capture by driving at high rates of speed through rural neighborhoods. The shooting victim is listed as being in stable condition at a local hospital and is expected to recover.

Migrant In Court For Violent Rape: ‘I Came to Austria to F*** the Women’

austria-map-3On trial at the Regional Court of Linz the Algerian, who has been convicted several times in France and Austria, denied carrying out the attack in April this year. He is alleged to have tried to rape the victim before brutally beating her.

The woman was left lying unconscious with serious injuries in bushes near the bus stop where the incident occurred. She is also thought to have been psychologically scarred by the event.

Asked why he’d come to Austria the accused replied: “I have come to Austria to f*** the women”. As well as having several convictions in Europe, the Algerian has a rejected asylum decision and a travel ban under his belt. The 35 year old is also accused of committing an attempted rape last November, and of an assault.

Deportation has not so far been possible as Austria has no arrangements with Algeria.

Testifying, a student who was approached by the victim told the court: “The woman came up to me and was covered in blood. You could not see her face. She said to me: ‘I was raped.’”

Bavaria Complains As Austrians Shuttle Migrants To Border Region
Bavaria Complains As Austrians Shuttle Migrants To Border Region

After hearing this testimony, presiding judge Ursula Eichler asked the accused whether he would like to add something to his statement, since the statements of the victim, the witnesses, and DNA evidence would weigh heavily on his case.

Through his interpreter, the accused responded: “I’ve never seen this woman in my life.”

He then repeated, several times, “I swear by Allah that I did not rape that woman.”

Wochenblick reported that the victim was traumatised and still had serious injuries to the left side of her face as a result of the attack. Crying, she left the courtroom with relatives after the video of her testimony was played.

Following the brutal attack in April she has undergone nine different types of medical treatment in psychotherapeutic care, and is having to take strong anxiety and insomnia medications.

The hearing was postponed so that a psychiatric evaluation of the accused and a health report of the victim can be undertaken. If convicted, the defendant will be sentenced to up to ten years in jail.

Russia Arms Central America…Again

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan

In the late 1980’s President Ronald Reagan successfully demanded that the Soviet Union cancel plans to place advanced military equipment in Nicaragua. His stance against Russian advances in Central America was rooted in a U.S. policy that extended as far back as the Monroe Doctrine.

His willingness to face down the expansion of Soviet military influence, combined with his arms buildup, was a vital component in the downfall of the U.S.S.R., one of the true turning points in the Cold War.

Thirty years later, the unwillingness of the Obama Administration to stand firm against Moscow’s current moves to place landing facilities for nuclear bombers and a spy station in Nicaragua, along with plans to place other heavy military equipment in the country, indicates that Washington’s current leadership lacks the courage or concern to confront aggressive nations, and is unwilling to face threats even within its own hemisphere.

nicaragua-mapThe McClatchy news service reports that “Russia is rekindling its once-strong ties to Nicaragua, possibly including providing the Central American nation with jet fighters, stoking unease as far away as the Andes in South America… The chief spokesman for the Sandinista Front on international matters… said Nicaragua’s relations with Russia have taken a ‘qualitative leap’… Former Sandinista President Daniel Ortega won elections and returned to power in 2007… Nicaragua’s neighbors recoiled. ‘One doesn’t combat drug trafficking with that kind of heavy military equipment for fighting wars,” Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González said …”

The U.S. Naval Institute revealed in May that “In late April Russia shipped the first 20 of 50 T-72B tanks ordered by Nicaragua. The cost of the 50 tanks reportedly totals $80 million. That is $9 million more than Nicaragua’s total 2015 defense budget. The acquisition of tanks is particularly perplexing to many in the region since Nicaragua has relatively good relations with its neighbors

This puzzling move turns out to be one of several in recent years in which Russia has provided foreign assistance and weapons sales to their old allies in the ruling FSLN party under President Daniel Ortega… These echoes of the Cold War beg the question-why? It does not appear to be domestic politics, or some ambitious plan of the Nicaraguan government; rather, it is more likely driven by Putin’s desire to create mischief in America’s sphere of influence at a low cost…”

The Center for Security Policy calls Russia in Latin America “The problem we have chosen to ignore… Russian activities closer to home in the Western Hemisphere have been largely overlooked or perhaps just disregarded. There have been reports of increasing Russian military cooperation with countries in Latin America that are hostile to the United States, mainly Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

There is little doubt that the weaponry Moscow has chosen to provide to Nicaragua has America as its target. Nuclear bomber bases and modern tanks are certainly unnecessary in any hypothetical Central American conflict.

Nicaraguan first lady Rosario Murillo was named to be the running mate of her husband, Daniel Ortega
Nicaraguan first lady Rosario Murillo was named to be the running mate of her husband, Daniel Ortega

Last month Sandinista President Daniel Ortega purged Nicaragua’s opposition from Parliament. In November he will run for a third five-year term with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as his vice-presidential candidate.

Mr. Ortega has returned to power by exploiting democratic rules and then changing them once in power. …All of this has happened with nary a peep from the Obama Administration. Contrast that with the way the White House aggressively mobilized Latin American governments in 2009 when Honduras used constitutional means to remove a law-breaking president and then insisted that new elections be held on schedule. Latin Americans have noticed the U.S. double standard, and Nicaraguans are paying the price.”

When Ortega became President of Nicaragua in 2007, Ahmadinejad considered his ascension so important that he was in Managua to attend the inauguration. Ortega told the press that the “revolutions of Iran and Nicaragua are almost twin revolutions…since both revolutions are about justice, liberty, self-determination, and the struggle against imperialism…What are all those Iranian diplomats doing in Nicaragua? …What is becoming dangerous is that Nicaragua is providing a safe place where Iran can send Revolutionary Guards and move them in and around the region. It is clear that the Iranians are allowed to come and go as they wish and there is no surveillance by the Nicaraguan regime. It is not far fetched to think that the embassy and the mosque could be used to store weapons and to develop and execute plans to attack American interests. What is certain is that urgent vigilance is required.”

The ramifications of the White House’s timidity have ramifications across the globe, as anxious allies take note of an America that fails to guard against rising threats even within striking distance of its own borders.

China’s Belligerency Looming Threat To America

US President Barack Obama is greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
US President Barack Obama is greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

There are signs the United States again could be plunged into international conflict, and this time it would not be with a Third World dictator like Saddam Hussein.

It could be with the world’s largest nation by population, China.

A recent report by the Congressional Research Service revealed looming threats against America from China and several other “revisionist” states.

“For the first time in several decades … the probability that the U.S. may find itself at war with another great power is ‘low but growing,’” said the report.

A report a short time later in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin showed China is one of only a handful of states worldwide still adding to its nuclear arsenal at a time when other powers are reducing theirs.

Now a documentary has been released presenting evidence China is preparing for world domination and has been snubbing the United States.

Chinese flag mapdocumentary is called “China on Top: How China is Using America’s Playbook to Take Over the World.”

It was commissioned by the research group as a stand-alone film to “tell the real story about what’s happening with China right now, and how precarious the American situation really is,” an insider said.

In another interview, Jonathan Roth of Roth Multimedia, said he believes a face-off with China could be the first hot-button subject on the next president’s desk.

Not the economy. Not ISIS. Not Islamic terror. Not the open border and an invasion by illegal aliens.

A recent report pointed to an “undoubtedly planned snub of President Obama” as an example of China’s assertion of global power.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote that airport officials in China did not have a staircase ready for Obama when he landed to attend the G20 meetings.

“He is forced to exit – as one China expert put it rather undiplomatically – through ‘the ass‘ of the plane.”

“This happened at Hangzhou airport. Yes, in China. If the Chinese didn’t invent diplomatic protocol, they surely are its most venerable and experienced practitioners. They’ve been at it for 4,000 years. They are the masters of every tributary gesture, every nuance of hierarchical ritual. In a land so exquisitely sensitive to protocol, rolling staircases don’t just disappear at arrival ceremonies,” he continued.

“Did President Xi Jinping directly order airport personnel and diplomatic functionaries to deny Barack Obama a proper welcome? Who knows? But the message, whether intentional or not, wasn’t very subtle. The authorities expressed no regret, no remorse and certainly no apology. On the contrary, they scolded the press for even reporting the snub.”

Krauthammer explained the nation’s “ostentatious rudeness” reflected the world’s “general disdain” for Obama, because of his “high-minded lectures about global norms and demands that others live up to their ‘international obligations.’”

Foreign leaders, he said, are “taking this administration down a notch knowing they pay no price.”

Krauthammer noted Russian President Vladimir Putin kept the U.S. secretary of state waiting three hours for a meeting, Iran’s ayatollah was vowing “no change” even as Obama was boasting of his nuclear deal and more.

China, too, “illegally expands into the South China Sea, meeting only the most perfunctory pushback from the U.S. Obama told CNN that he warned Xi to desist or ‘there will be consequences.’ Is there a threat less credible?”

He continued: “Iran regularly harasses our vessels in the Persian Gulf. Russian fighters buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. And more recently, a Russian fighter flew within 10 feet of an American military jet. The price they paid? Being admonished that such provocations are unsafe and unprofessional. An OSHA citation is more ominous,” Krauthammer said.

“The Chinese see themselves as the next superpower,” he continued.

us-china-flags-2While conventional thinking in the West assumes China’s influence won’t surpass America’s for several decades, he thinks it will be much sooner.

The airport snub of Obama, he said, indicates a country “that is really confident in itself, and believes the U.S. is weaker.”

It’s the conflict in the South China Sea that likely will land on the next president’s desk with a crash, he said.

There, China is building islands up from the sea bottom, and the rest of the world is ignoring the long-term and strategic implications, he said.

At Least 858 Immigrants “Mistakenly” Granted Citizenship

Seal of the Dept of Homeland SecurityHundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist hotbeds who were supposed to have been deported were instead granted citizenship because Homeland Security didn’t have fingerprints on file to check their identity, the department’s inspector general said in a stunning new report Monday.

At least two of those approved are now being investigated by the FBI for links to terrorism, investigators said.

But in most cases, Homeland Security and federal prosecutors have let the illegal immigrants-turned-citizens get away with their potential fraud. Charges were brought in just two of the more than 800 cases identified.

One of the persons granted citizenship through the error-riddled process is now a law enforcement officer, and three others worked in security-sensitive fields — including two who worked in sensitive areas at airports.

“USCIS granted U.S. citizenship to at least 858 individuals ordered deported or removed under another identity when, during the naturalization process, their digital fingerprint records were not in the DHS digital fingerprint repository,” the inspector general said.

The 858 cases involved people from so-called “special interest” countries, or from neighboring countries with major immigration fraud problems. Special interest countries are those places the government has identified as posing national security problems to the U.S.

Investigators late last year identified another 953 cases that also seemed suspicious.

The problem, according to the audit, is tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and criminal aliens whose files are so old that their fingerprints are still on paper cards.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that approves applications, wasn’t checking those paper-based files, so it didn’t know the aliens were ineligible or had been ordered kicked out of the country already.

The inspector general said some fingerprints have been digitized, but it identified 148,000 aliens who have been ordered deported but whose fingerprints are not in the IDENT system the department uses for its fingerprint checks.

Homeland Security leaders, in their official response to the report, admitted they’d bungled.

“As a result, USCIS was not made aware of information that may have affected the applicants’ ability to naturalize,” Jim H. Crumpacker, the Homeland Security’s liaison for investigations, said in a memo to the inspector general.

He said they’re they’re working to get more fingerprints uploaded, and hope to issue a contract by the end of the fiscal year to tackle the problem.

And the department has promised to go back and take another look at the hundreds of people it approved, to see if they can be prosecuted. That review is scheduled to be completed by Dec. 31.

This problem has been going on for years. According to an AP report, “The government has known about the information gap and its impact on naturalization decisions since at least 2008 when a Customs and Border Protection official identified 206 immigrants who used a different name or other biographical information to gain citizenship or other immigration benefits, though few cases have been investigated.”

What has really been done about it? Nothing. Are we really to expect something new?

US Welcomes 11,491 Syrians, But Where Are the Christians?

Christian-persecutionThe United States is already 15% over its target of allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country for the fiscal year 2016. There are still three weeks left to go and, as of the beginning of the week, 11,491 Syrians have been resettled in America.

However, of those allowed in, just 58 are Christians, amounting to 0.46%.

They are:

  • 14 Catholics
  • 6 Orthodox
  • 4 Protestants
  • 1 Greek Orthodox
  • 29 undefined
  • 4 Jehovah’s Witnesses

This is a shockingly low number, especially given the persecution faced by Christians across the Middle East and North Africa. The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and other jihadist groups deliberately target Christians forcing them to pay the jizya (a subjugation tax), convert to Islam or die.

In March, the U.S. State Department declared that the campaign of ISIS against the Christians constitutes genocide.

Christian refugees from Mosul, Iraq.
Christian refugees from Mosul, Iraq.

Yet 98% of those allowed into the country were Sunni Muslims.

The Yazidis, who have also faced a concerted campaign to eradicate them by the Islamic State, have also not been allowed entry en masse into the United States. Only 18 Yazidis have been allowed in this year.

If the U.S. is only allowing limited numbers of refugees into the country, why not prioritize those from the most vulnerable groups, namely Christians, Yazidis and other minorities?

If the U.S. agrees that the actions of ISIS against the Christians of Syria and Iraq constitute genocide, surely they have a moral obligation to act to try and save them.

Otherwise the classification is mere empty words.

Syria continues to produce chemical weapons, says the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Syria 5Recently, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) determined that Damascus has continued to produce chemical weapons despite the agreement the Syrian government signed two years ago, which dealt with dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal.

About two years after the pictures of Syria dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal surfaced, it appears that Damascus hid the truth to the world and continued to develop unconventional weapons discreetly. A new report released by the OPCW determined that the Syrians produced nerve agents that were placed in rocket warheads. According to the organization, the Syrians placed five times the amount of nerve agents in the warheads than the amount that the organization was aware of in the past.

One of the secret facilities in Syria
One of the secret facilities in Syria

In recent months, OPCW inspectors visited 28 facilities, labs, storage units and factories that were hidden by the Syrian government. One of the sites, which is called Hafir 1, is located near Homs. The inspectors returned to this site three times. After their visits, the inspectors concluded that the Syrian scientists produced Venomous Agent X (VX), sarin and mustard gas in the last two years at this site.

The report is based on samples, evidence and testimonies that were collected from all over Syria. It was also discovered that Damascus stored in an underground facility 140mm and 330mm artillery rockets with chemical warheads.