About Me

My name is Dave and I currently live in Florida (which will explain any posts that I might have that are of state or local flavor). 

I first became involved in politics when I worked as a volunteer in both Ohio and Michigan primaries for George McGovern’s presidential campaign. 

During that same year, I also enlisted in the military and spent twenty years working in Air Force Intelligence. 

I supported Jimmy Carter’s campaign for president after hearing him speak in Iowa, but before the end of his first term began to feel that the Democratic Party was no longer representing my views. 

I felt that the Reagan administration was successful on many fronts and began feeling more comfortable calling myself a Republican. 

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, President George H.W. Bush talked a coalition of nations into fighting a war that I did not believe was necessary.  I never felt that Iraq was going to invade Saudi Arabia (and still don’t).  When US forces became involved militarily, I supported their efforts to win the war.  (Of course, I had no choice as a member of the military, but I also supported them in my personal views.) 

I retired from the Air Force and could not bring myself to vote for George H.W. Bush for re-election–partially due to the war and partially due to raising taxes (he said “Read my lips, no new taxes”  I did.  He raised taxes).

After September 11th, I supported our efforts in Afghanistan.  I did not believe that Iraq should be a target for invasion, however.  I believed at the time, that if we were to attack ANY country who supported terrorism, it should have been Iran, not Iraq.  Again, once troops were committed, I supported the war effort.  I don’t believe you should commit troops to a war and then not support their effort to win it.  I might question the motives for invasion, but I find the politians and news pundits who, after supporting the invasion, have done nothing but contribute to the enemy cause with negative comments. 

Now we are dealing with a falling dollar, illegal aliens crossing our borders at will, politicians who would give our sovereignty away and a country dependent on other countries for our energy. 

I currently have no political party because I feel the two major parties have been hijacked by extremists. 

When I enlisted in the military, I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I believe our Constitution now faces both. 



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You have come a long way Dave. I applaud you for having the courage to challenge your own beliefs. Few are able to focus intense objective scrutiny on the official narrative, though you have. To do so calls into questions their entire existence, all they have stood for, and even their patriotism. The answers to many questions will be forthcoming. It is brave souls such as yourself that will make it possible.

  2. I agree with johnnypeepers Dave. I hate the war but I will stand behind our troops, for if we don’t, who will. Surely not those who go around condemning them & making a mockery of their efforts at every turn. Problem is, most of those who do this have never walked one inch in their footsteps but just sit back as arm chair critics. Many of them are what I call Hollywood Hypos and don’t have a clue what the real world is like with true hardships & if by the slim chance they do, then they must have forgotten what it is like to have to really work for a living. Just my humble opinion~

  3. Sorry Dave I disagree with you on some counts. You wrote what Bush did on taxing. That’s what the rulers are. They stand for imperial businesses but not for people. They may be either Republicans or Democrats. Patriotism that people generally possess comes handy to the rulers’ service to imperial capitalists. This is true in any country. The only thing is we must have the ability to see it. Why did Bust invade Afghanistan? In an effort to defeat ‘world terrorism’? To get rid of Taliban and Saddam? Not at all. Then who armed them against Russia and Iran? It’s all about trade and finance. It’s all about profits, no matter whether American people or Afghans & Iraqis would perish for years to come. You can see this when you observe who got reconstruction contracts in destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq. Having said all this I have to ask ‘should we support troops -even if we belong to that country- when they are invading other countries (and hence the people of those countries) to safeguard interests of top richest class people which just go against the interests of 90% of vast common people including you and j peepers? Here you can understand taxing. And here itself you can understand awarding with ‘bailouts of billions of dollars’ those who caused the ‘deadly financial crisis’ instead of punishing. -with due respect to your air-force services to your nation.

  4. I applaud your decision to become one of no political party. I have been lied to by both parties and feel that the present system is a failure. There needs to be a consensus among our Congress people. Strictly voting along party lines has made our system a joke. Greedy politicians only look out for themselves and their cronies. I believe Bush took us to war in Iraq instead of Iran because he got the countries mixed up and would have looked dumb to change his mind. Health care is a total joke, they should just kill all of the bills and start three new bills. One for portability, one for tort reform and one for pre-existing conditions. Where would the pork be in those bills?

    • Not sure why you’d want to reprint the “about me” item. Would it be reprinted on your site? If so, I have no problem.

  5. Instant runoff voting. No one gets everything he wants out of any election. However, with instant runoff voting, each voter is bound to get more of what he wants every time, rather than a winner-take-all approach which often disenfranchises those who at least participate.

    Don’t let the broken two-party system keep you from participating. Watch what happens in Chicago as Rahm Emmanuel runs for mayor. They use IRV.

    Imagine presidential and congressional elections using IRV. Just putting down first, second and third choices in writing, even if you end up with your second or third choice is better than suffering eight years under a president you couldn’t stand – one who won on 38% of the electorate.

  6. Hi Dave, I left you a reply, but something happened to it, so here am I again.
    I am Kenneth Dabrera from Sri Lanka. Dave, I respect your views and I understand your regrets as well. This is life and nothing is certain. Dave, I like Americans for most of them are very respectful, courteous and most of the time do the right thing. But I like the African Americans in a very special way, cos they are a happy lot, always funny, sociable, laughing , very homely and talented. Of course there are some very bad eggs who are very nasty & rough, and I feel sorry for them, for they are in this plight due to state neglect and because your state has not put them on a satisfactory footing. I like your President Obama, and I hope he will do his utmost to uplift the Blacks who have had to undergo so much in the past due to segregation etc., What I don’t like in Mr. Obama is, his continuation of the Bush Policies which has only angered the world – like harsh interrogation techniques for terror suspects which I feel is not correct and decent at all. Getting involved in Iraq, Afghanistan is also not right. Anyway, what has happened is over and done with. I hope Mr. Obama will now map out his future plans to ensure the safety of Americans very carefully, by winning the confidence of our Muslim Brethren, by treating them fair and square – they weren’t jubilant, but horrified when your twin towers were brought down and they didn’t share Bin Laden’s ideologies.
    I would like America to be the World’s Protector and Guardian and not the global Policeman. I believe its possible and all of us can live like Brethren in this world.
    Regards, Kenneth Dabrera.

  7. Hi Dave,
    Here I am again,cos I forgot something in my previous reply.
    I feel its of utmost importance that Mr. Obama should take a very hard look at America’s Energy policy and do his best to divert from the over dependence in middle-eastern oil, cos that has been the major reason for most of America’s worries. I strongly believe that it is possible, for Americans are very innovative and Mr. Obama should exploit this without any further delay – very important.
    Regards, Kenneth Dabrera.

  8. God bless you, Dave! I am writing a book “100 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama”. Please help me in any way you can. I will give you the link to Amazon when it’s done. I used some of your information about Robert Malley and Mazen Asbahi. One of my reasons is Obama is anti-Israel. 7. 1. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Stayed in his church for 20 years. 2. Louis Farrakhan 3. Khalid al-Mansour 4. Befriending the Muslim Brotherhood 5. Rashid Khalidi, Jesse Jackson Jr. Ali Abunimah What kind of President denounces Israel, who is trying to survive in the Middle East, which is a hellhole. His treatmeant of our dear friend and ally, Israel. He treated leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, disrespectfully. He left the Prime Minister while he went to eat then said “let me know if you change your mind”. This is unheard of. Jesse Jackson’s son “under Barack Obama’s administration. Here’s the exchange between President Obama and French President Sarkozy on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Sarkozy: “I cannot bear Netanyahu.” Obama: “You’re sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.” So, thank you, and I will have it done when Republicans have their nominee. we need President who will restore the values, beliefs and principles that made this country great. Sincerely, Joe Cienkowski

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