Defiant Former Mexican Mayor Violently Assassinated By Mexican Drug Cartels

Dr. Maria Santos Gorrostieta

Maria Santos Gorrostieta, the former mayor of a Mexican town, was found in a ditch, beaten to death. The body of the 36-year-old former mayor was found three days after her family reported her missing, according to a BBC report.

As the former mayor of the western town of Tiquecheo from 2008 to 2011, Gorrostieta — who survived two earlier assassination attempts — was reportedly considered a high priority target for some Mexican drug cartels.

The first attempt on her lifecame in October 2009 while she and her husband were traveling together in the town of El Limone. Her husband, Jose Sanchez died of injuries he sustained in the attack.

While Gorrostieta was injured in the attack, she recovered quickly and overcame the tragedy of losing her husband.

Scene of the crime: Cuitzeo Township, close to where her corpse was discovered and Morelia, where she was kidnapped

Just three months later, the van that she was traveling in was ambushed by a masked group, armed with assault rifles. The van was peppered with at least 30 bullets and three of them hit her causing her severe damage. In fact, the wounds were so severe that they left multiple scars and she was forced to wear a colostomy bag.

She then remarried and attempted a run for a seat in Mexico’s Congress of the Union. She failed at that and eventually dropped out of the public spotlight.

The third attempt succeeded as the drug gang kidnapped, bound, stabbed, beat and burned Mrs. Gorrostieta.

A story, published on Tuesday in the leading newspaper El Universal, describes Gorrostieta’s city of Tiquicheo as one where the local drug trade calls the shots and, citing unnamed sources, may have factored in its politics.

Keep in mind that these drug cartels are among the same ones that were receiving weapons under the Obama administration during the Fast and Furious operation.

Investigators are not ruling out any possible motives — political, personal or criminal — in her killing, the state’s deputy attorney general, Marco Aguilera, told CNN.

The Daily Mail reports,

Maria Santos Gorrostieta, who had already survived two assassination attempts, was driving the child to school at around 8.30am when she was ambushed by a car in the city of Morelia.

The 36-year-old was hauled from her vehicle and physically assaulted as horrified witnesses watched, according to newspaper El Universal.
They described how she begged for her child to be left alone and then appeared to get into her abductors’ car willingly.

The little girl was left wailing as her mother was driven away on Monday November 12.

For the next week, her frantic family waited by the phone for a ransom call that never came.

Gorrostieta’s body – stabbed, burned, battered and bound at wrist and ankle – would finally be found eight days on dumped by a roadside in San Juan Tararameo, Cuitzeo Township.

She left behind her daughter and two sons as well as her second husband Nereo Delgado Patinoran.

But the Mexican cartels are ruthless. They have already demonstrated that they will act like the jihadists in beheading those opposed to them. Many of them are involved in killing our Border Patrol agents such as Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata. Our own government funneled nearly 2,500 guns into Mexico to be placed in the hands of these murderous gangs and still no one has been brought to justice, in spite of the claims of one of the insiders that the weapons were specifically sent to Mexican drug cartels.

Dr. Gorrostiesta demonstrated that she had true courage. It is no wonder that the people of Mexico viewed her as a 21st century heroine.


Foreign Air Power Crucial To Mali Battle Plan

Malian troops backed by foreign air power will lead the assault to recapture Timbuktu and other northern cities from al Qaeda-linked militants, under a battle plan now being considered, Malian army sources said.

West African bloc ECOWAS is expected to submit a version of the plan to the United Nations Security Council for approval, paving the way for war in Mali’s vast desert amid fears the region could become a new terrorist training ground.

“International forces will not do the ground fighting, that role will belong to the Malian army,” a military officer familiar with the plan, who asked not to be named, said on Friday.

“Air strikes will be the responsibility of the international force,” he said, adding foreign partners would also provide logistical and intelligence support and soldiers and police to secure areas captured by the Malian army.

Military planners from Africa, the United Nations and Europe in Mali’s capital Bamako last month drew up a battle plan that would involve a foreign force of more than 4,000 personnel, mostly from West African countries. It remains unclear how much of the force would come from Western nations.

The plan covers a six-month period, with a preparatory phase for training and the establishment of bases in Mali’s south, followed by combat operations in the north.

A second Malian military source said the army expected Islamist rebels to try to avoid conventional fighting by slipping away into remote mountains or blending in with local populations.

“That is the main problem, and it will fall to our intelligence services to solve it,” he said.

The Security Council gave African leaders 45 days from October 12 to draw up a plan for military intervention to retake the north, but diplomats say any such operation is months away.

Foreign powers are divided on the pace of an intervention. Regional powerhouse Algeria says it prefers a negotiated solution, while former colonial master France – which has several citizens held hostage by al Qaeda-linked groups in the Sahara – wants a swift war.

36 Obama Aides Owe $833,970 in Back Taxes – Media Silent

The main street media doesn’t seem to care about the fact that 36 Obama aides owe a grand total of nearly a million in back taxes.

$833,970 in back taxes is owed to the government by Obama’s government aides.

This story was originally posted by ABC back in January, yet no follow-up by them, or any other propaganda media outfit has taken place.

Isn’t that an amazing coincidence?

But this isn’t limited to the 36 Obama aides.

At the EPA for example, 413 people owe more than $19 million in back taxes!

At the FDIC, 185 employees owe more than $3 million; and five people at the U.S. Tax Court owe $62,508

This is why Democrats are so eager to raise taxes, they don’t pay them anyway!

Christian Persecution Rampant – Obama, Clinton and U.N. Remain Silent

Ever since Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, both he and Hillary Clinton along with the United Nations have been very quick to condemn any hint of Muslim persecution or intolerance towards them?

When U.S. soldiers urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban members, everyone was in an uproar and Obama apologized to the entire world. When Qurans that were defaced by Muslim prisoners were burned by U.S. troops, the world cried out and Obama apologized. No one said anything about the Christian Bibles that were burned along with the Qurans.

But where is the outcry from Obama, Clinton and the United Nations concerning all of the Christian persecution going on all over the world? Have you heard one word of condemnation from the United States or the United Nations?


  • In Pakistan, Muslims recently started taking their aggressions out on Christians by attacking, killing and then robbing Christians in their midst. They attacked and burned down St. Paul’s Church in Mardan, Pakistan. Their attack continued as they looted the church run school and library which not only contained over 3,000 Christian books, but also contained a number of Muslim books as well.
  • In the south of Pakistan, Islamic gunmen opened fire at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral in Hyderabad. The attack left at least 28 dead and many others injured.
  • Christian churches have been attacked in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria and Spain. One attack in Nigeria where a suicide bomb was detonated at Saint John’s Catholic Church, killed 3 and seriously wounded 44 others.
  • Attacks on Christians have been reported in Egypt, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan. In Bangladesh, 300 Christian children were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. In Pakistan, Muslims have been raping and murdering Christian girls and boys. In one incident, a 16 year old Christian girl was gang-raped for 6 hours by a group of Muslims. One report states that 2,300 girls, mostly Christians, were forcibly converted to Islam after being kidnapped, then raped and tortured.
  • A 28 year old Saudi Arabian woman converted to Christianity and had to flee the country for fear of her life. She fled to Sweden for sanctuary, and the Saudi government has asked for her return so she can face charges of violating Sharia Law. In the latest report, the Swedish government is working to help return the woman to Saudi Arabia where she may be facing a death sentence for her Christian conversion.
  • In Syria, members of the Free Syrian Army have been shooting Christians and claiming they are Syrian soldiers. In one incident where they killed 28 men, 2 of the victims have been identified as working with the Religious Freedom Coalition. The men were providing aid to those in need when they were gunned down. There are numerous other reports of Christians being executed by Free Syrian Army members.

Hundred and perhaps thousands of Christians are being attacked, tortured, raped and killed almost every day. But where is the outcry from the world? Where is Obama and Clinton’s condemnation for these atrocities? Where is the United Nations and their Human Rights people?

Their combined silence says volumes, but mostly, it says that it’s okay for Muslims to continue to persecute Christians to the point or rape and murder, because they find Christians to be offensive to their religion. Their silence also says that Christians have no legal protection anywhere in the world anymore.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” — DIETRICH BONHOEFFER

The Lies About Your Taxes

Simon Black, the Senior Editor at wrote the following article that I felt worth passing on:

In 1936, the US government began circulating a series of pamphlets to explain its brand new Social Security program, plus the associated taxes. Initially, the Social Security tax was set at 2%. The government promised it would rise to 3% in 1949, with no additional increases EVER:

“[F]inally, beginning in 1949. . . you and your employer will each pay 3 cents on each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year. That is the most you will ever pay.

In 1949, the tax rose to 3% as scheduled. But it only took five years for the government to break its promise. The tax rose to 4% in 1954, 4.5% in 1957, 5% in 1959… and continued to rise for decades. On January 1st it will be 12.4%.

Politicians routinely make bold promises about tax policy… and they almost always end up being lies. Raising taxes, i.e. plundering the wealth of citizens, is one of the oldest tactics in the playbook for insolvent governments, and you can be 100% certain that your taxes will increase despite any promises to the contrary.

Perhaps most dangerously, politicians fail to understand that raising tax rates does NOT actually increase government tax revenue.

In the US, for example, government tax revenue has consistently been 17.7% of GDP since the end of World War II, plus/minus a very tight band. Similarly, the British government has consistently collected 35% of GDP in tax revenue.

Yet over the decades, tax rates have been all over the board… from 0% to over 90%! Plus variations in corporate profits tax, payroll tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax, and (for the Brits) VAT.

Rates go up, rates go down… it doesn’t affect overall government tax revenue one bit. Despite the obvious facts, though, politicians keep raising tax rates.

On January 1, 2013, the US government will impose what my tax attorney calls the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. And some of the rate increases are simply extraordinary.

The estate tax exemption, for instance, is being slashed by EIGHTY PERCENT! And the amount that the Obama administration will tax the rest of your estate will increase to a whopping 55%!

Moreover, dividend tax rates are set to rise from 15% to as high as 43.4%. This affects not only US taxpayers, but everyone on the planet who invests in the US stock market.

Remember Finance 101– the price of a stock is theoretically the present value of discounted future cash flows. In English, this means that share prices should rise and fall based on the market’s expectations about future earnings… and over the long run, future dividends.

As a result of this tax policy, many investors who own shares in US companies will now see their after-tax dividends slashed by 33%. And since their investment returns are falling so dramatically, it stands to reason that the investments themselves become less valuable.

This is putting a lot of downward pressure on stock prices, affecting almost everyone who currently owns US shares– pension funds and retirement accounts, rich and middle class, US and non-US citizens alike. It’s as if the US government is hanging a sign over the country saying “PLEASE DO NOT INVEST HERE.” It’s genius.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Taxes will keep rising. Investment returns will be destroyed. Any incentive to start a business will be destroyed. Any benefit to your heirs for what you have worked your entire life to pass on will be destroyed.

All of this because a handful of morally bankrupt individuals who run financially bankrupt governments fail to understand simple truths about tax policy.

Bear this in mind over the next few weeks, because many new taxes will take effect on January 1st, and it’s imperative to take defensive action first. I strongly recommend consulting with your tax advisor as soon as possible.

FEMA Ignores Town, Ravaged by Tornadoes

Tornadoes ripped through Cordova, Alabama in April 2011, killing 250 people and demolishing thousands of homes and businesses.

A year and a half later, without money to fix it up, the damaged town still looks like the tornado struck just yesterday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had promised the small town, which has a population of just over 2,000, that it would provide the money needed to tear down the damaged buildings. But after waiting for a year and a half, city residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the crumbling aftermath of the devastating tornadoes.

With broken glass littering the streets, roofless buildings barely still standing, and the downtown area sealed off by a chain-link fence and considered unsafe, it appears as if the tornadoes just recently ravaged Cordova.

Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed and the tornadoes, which struck last year on April 27, left $1 billion in damages.

FEMA has made endless requests for documentation of the damage, but has still not provided the necessary funds. Cordova officials are asking for an estimated $933,000 to demolish the structures.

“It’s very frustrating,” Mayor Drew Gilbert told the Associated Press. “You would think it’s been touched and seen now by everyone who needs to touch and see it.”

In response to questions from AP, FEMA officials said they are meticulously gathering the details of the damage before providing the money, which is a time-consuming process.

This project involves demolition of multiple historically significant structures and requires that FEMA consider all pertinent environmental and historic preservation laws before funding the project,” the agency said.

The neglect has taken a toll not just on homeowners who lost their property, but also on the local economy and employment opportunities.

The damage wiped out businesses, leaving few jobs for residents to work. Only schools, one bank, a pharmacy and a health clinic are open for employment.

The town’s only grocery store was destroyed by the twisters. But unless the skeleton buildings are demolished, no new structures can take their place.

FEMA recently told city officials that their review of the city will be finished by Jan. 4, according to Cordova Fire Chief Dean Harbison. But the funding for the demolition likely won’t granted until the two-year anniversary of the tornado strike passes.

“Our entire economy is gone, and it’s like they’re just doing nothing,” Mayor Gilbert said.

Meanwhile, FEMA announced Monday that it has provided $500 million to disaster areas ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, 10 percent of which went to individuals and families in Staten Island.

The death toll due to the Alabama tornadoes was more than twice the death toll due to Sandy, but residents in this small town said they felt forgotten just a few weeks after the disaster.

Egypt’s Islamist President Assumes Dictatorial Powers

The French press agency headline said it clearly: “Egypt’s Morsi assumes sweeping powers, branded new pharaoh.”

Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sparked intense controversy around the world by issuing a decree giving himself virtually dictatorial powers and contradicting the assumption that he—and his Muslim Brotherhood organization—intend to rule democratically.

In addition the decree from Morsi shielded a largely Islamist-dominated assembly, which is writing Egypt’s new constitution, from legal challenge.

According to the decree, which shocked many Egyptians, “The President may take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution.”

Reuters reports,

It gave the same protection to the upper house of parliament, dominated by Islamists allied to Morsi, and assigned the president new powers that allowed him to sack the Mubarak-era prosecutor general and appoint a new one.

It stated that all decisions taken by Morsi until the election of a new parliament were exempt from legal challenge.

Presented as a move to “protect the revolution”, the decree won immediate praise from Morsi’s allies but stoked fears among secular-minded Egyptians that the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies aim to dominate the new Egypt. It seemed likely to deepen the divisions that have plagued the post-Mubarak era.

As John J. Xenakis reports at, writes,

“Many Egyptians were shocked on Thursday by the announcement, accompanied by nationalistic music, of a new decree by President Mohamed Morsi granting himself extensive additional powers. Any decisions that he took since taking office in June, and any decisions he takes in the future, are final and not subject to review by the courts or appeal.”

Opponents accused Morsi, who has issued a decree that puts his decisions above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected, of being the new Mubarak and hijacking the revolution.

“The people want to bring down the regime,” shouted protesters in Tahrir, echoing a chant used in the uprising that forced Mubarak to step down. “Get out, Morsi,” they chanted, along with “Mubarak tell Morsi, jail comes after the throne.”

Mohamed ElBaradei

Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei wrote on his Twitter account, “Morsi today usurped all state powers and appointed himself Egypt’s new pharaoh. A major blow to the revolution that could have dire consequences.”

Police fired tear gas near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, heart of the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, where thousands demanded Morsi quit and accused him of launching a “coup”. There were violent protests in Alexandria, Port Said and Suez.

Thursday’s decisions were read on state television by Morsi’s spokesman, Yasser Ali. In a throwback to the days of the authoritarian Mubarak and his predecessor Anwar Sadat and Gamal Abdel-Nasser, the television followed up with a slew of nationalist songs.