Elections Have Consequences

Barack Obama could have been beaten in the election last year. While he is a dynamic speaker and ran an inspirational political campaign, while he had the press in his pocket and enough money to buy Europe, while America was ready for a change from the status quo, while the Republican Party was splintered into groups wanting to take the party in opposite directions and ran the worst presidential campaign in memory. It still was an election that was within reach. President Obama did not win a landslide victory…shoot, he wasn’t even elected with what could be legitimately called a mandate!

Now America is faced with the prospect of having a President who has a socialist agenda for the country and a Congress which has an even more radical socialist agenda of its own in store for us. They will struggle with each other over how fast to get things done and how much to spend, but the goals are similar enough to push through an agenda of turning the United States into a big government, socialist state. This is the chance every socialist, liberal Democrat has been waiting for and they don’t plan to let it slip through their fingers.

President Obama will actually turn out to be the moderate of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats. He will be the one who has a legacy to protect and will not want to be blamed if, or should I say when things begin to go wrong. He is a shrewd politician for being so young and inexperienced. He, indeed, wanted to begin his first term with at least partial Republican support in Congress to allow him to claim the mantle of bi-partisanship. Unfortunately for him, once the election was over, whoever was the Captain of his ship during the campaign has apparently been shoved aside by the big boys and girls in Washington. Now, Nancy Pelosi can, and already has, begun telling him how things will get done. Harry Reid will wield whatever power he can from the Senate to push the agenda as he sees it. Obama’s Vice President and Chief of Staff will both be flexing their own muscles as time goes by.

Those of us who believe in a more conservative approach to governing our nation, who believe in the Constitution as it was written and who believe in the greatness of America have only ourselves to blame. We’ve become tied, to a large degree, with the Republican Party and have let that party splinter into differing factions. The groups that are conservative because of religious, possibly even evangelical, beliefs pull the party in one direction. The groups who are conservative for fiscal and small government beliefs pull it in a different direction. The groups who are more libertarian in their beliefs, pulled in their own direction. The groups, and they are there, that claim to be conservative but feel that the movement would be better off if it were more moderate or if it embraced the idea of “reaching across the aisle in a show of bi-partisanship or if it weren’t opposed to immigration reform pull in their own direction. When each of these groups backs specific candidates to the extent that if their candidate does not get a nomination, they will refuse to support the person who does get it, what happens? When one or more of these groups ban together to defeat the champion of another of those groups, what happens? What happens is that the party ends up with a weaker candidate and risk losing the fall campaign. What happens is, Barack Obama gets elected.

With all of that having been said, it is time to stop looking in the past. The last election is over and we cannot change its outcome. What we can do is begin working to take back control of Congress and the White House. However, if we continue to bicker amongst ourselves, if one group persists in trying to oust other groups, if we continue to think that the best way to get control back is to reach across the aisle, we are destined to spend a very long time in exile.

Yes, elections have consequences. There are two things that we should take from that statement. The first is that we need a new birth of conservatism in this country because as long as the Socialist Democrats are in total control, there will be continued growing of the government and the debt and continued shredding of Constitutional rights. The second is a warning to those Socialist Democrats. Conservatives will be back and we will not be bi-partisan. What they do and how they act will not be forgotten. Our plan will not be to win elections. Our plan will be to take our country back to what was the inspiration of our Founding Fathers. Our goal will not be to defeat the Progressive, Socialist movement, but to crush it out.

The time for patriots to begin the fight for the soul of our country is now.