A Different Kind of Third Party

The time has come to consider the formation of a third political party in our country.  Both of the major political parties appear to be run by people who have their own agendas that do not represent the majority of the members of their own party.  Both parties have become instruments of special interests and lobbyists.  Both parties now believe that the way to get elected and stay in power is to buy it.  While both parties have good, honest people who currently hold elected office, they both have an even larger number of elected officials who believe that the best government is big government and the best way to solve a problem is to spend more money and both are run by people who are more concerned with their own power rather than what is good for the country. 

There are many who warn that a third party cannot be successful because a third party candidate cannot win the presidency.  They claim that a third party candidacy would only help elect the candidate of the exact opposite positions. 

At this point in time, they are correct.  Prime examples would be John Anderson, Ross Perot, George Wallace and to a lesser degree, Ralph Nader.  There have been others who have run for President of the United States as a third party candidate, but these are the ones in recent memory who have had enough success to have affected the election outcome.  None of these candidates won the election.  In fact, the last time a third party was successful in the United States was the modern day Republican Party.  That party was formed not long before the election of Abraham Lincoln. 

If history is the model, a third party cannot be successful in this country today.  That is, of course, unless the third party is not designed to field a candidate for the White House at this point!  What is needed is a different kind of third party.  What is needed is what has been started by those patriots who supported and attended the tea parties on tax day. What is needed is a movement!

I have given the notion of this third party idea a great deal of thought over the past several years and have come to think of it as the Patriot Party.  My thoughts were to create a party that would realize its own limitations.  This party would be all about bringing our nation back to a country that is of small government and low taxes; a government that recognizes and seeks to protect personal liberties and national sovereignty; a nation with a strong defense and based on the ideas and words of our founding fathers.  This party would seek to express pride in our history, our traditions and our heritage as a melting pot.

I believe that members of the Progressive movement has been at work to establish themselves for over a century, so I don’t believe that one or two elections cycles will win back all of the freedoms that have been lost do date.  I believe that they need to be fought at every level.  Many local elective offices do not require party affiliation and I would suggest Patriots run for these early on while the party is being organized.  Until such time as the Patriot Party is established legally in each state, I would suggest running as a member of a major party or as an independent if a party affiliation is required. 

It is of as great importance to get local and state level offices out of Progressive control as it is the offices in Washington.  The decisions being made at the local level are, in some cases, the key to winning the country back.  For instance, the local school board makes decisions that directly effect how and what is being done and taught in our schools.  They also have influence over decisions made concerning education at the state level.  This is an example of “a different kind of third party.”  Most of the time, third parties only concern themselves with federal offices, but we recognize that winning at the local level effects how future generations will view our nation and our history.  The Progressives are well aware of this and have made every effort to control the education system for decades.

While getting Patriots elected to local and state level positions, it is my belief that we should organize an effort on a national level to identify and support candidates who, while not running as a member of our party, have a record of supporting the same basic ideals as ours, and this could be done at all levels!  We could encourage people to donate money directly to those campaigns rather than giving money to one major party or the other and then losing control over whom they choose to give it.  By choosing this method instead of trying to field candidates for those offices, we will hopefully help elect people who have the same core beliefs as ours.  At the same time, we should call attention those incumbents who would be considered opposed to our basic views on issues and help expose their positions and records.

Meanwhile, if a Patriot is running for an office and is real need for something that could help keep a Progressive from being elected (or re-elected), the Patriot Party would be in a position to ask fellow Patriots to help out on a nation-wide basis.  At the local level it could help make the difference in an election! 

This might help, for instance, people in places like Massachusetts, where Senators Kerry and Kennedy will continue to be re-elected until they choose not to run again, who currently believe somewhat disenfranchised, feel that they have a voice, by adopting candidates from other areas who would have exactly the same number of votes on the floor of the Senate as Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy.

As time goes on and the movement gains strength, the Patriot Party could begin fielding slates of candidates for various offices throughout the nation, but remaining local initially is key to creating the foundation the party will build on and grow.  These are the levels where we would like to see grow as power is taken from the federal government as prescribed by the Constitution.

Patriots are being called to action today.  The time to begin this “different kind of third party” is now, while the Tea Parties are still going strong and the interest and energy level is high.  Let this be a party of patriots.  Our Constitution is at stake!  Our country is at stake!  Indeed, our way of life is as stake!

I, for one, stand ready to serve my country again.