Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets

oktoberfest-1The world’s biggest beer festival has recorded its lowest turnout for 15 years amid heightened security fears, while at the same time experiencing an increase in reported sex crimes.

The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany had around 5.6 million visitors this year, down 300,000 since last year and the lowest number since just after the September 11th 2001 terror attacks.

The drop in the number of attendees follows a series of attacks in the German state of Bavaria.

In July, German-Iranian student David Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree in Munich, killing nine people at a shopping center before turning the gun on himself.

In the same week, an Afghan migrant attacked a train in Würzburg with an axe, injuring at least four people, and a failed asylum seeker blew himself up at a bar in the town of Ansbach, injuring 12 people and killing himself.

However, despite an overall fall in crime at the festival, the number of reported sex crimes increased this year from 21 to 31.

The group “Safer Wiesn for Girls and Woman” also said 215 women came to security checkpoints for help this year compared to 197 last year, of whom 18 reported suffering violence.

A number of large-scale public events have reported an increase in sexual assaults since the massive influx of migrants began entering Europe last year.

The most notorious example was the New Year’s Eve attacks in the German city of Cologne, in which gangs of mainly North African migrants committed mass sexual assaults against women revelers.

Police received over 1,500 complaints of sexual assault, mugging, pickpocketing and even rape, although it took the local government six months to admit the majority of perpetrators were recently arrived migrants.

Figures showed that 70 per cent of the suspects had been in Germany for less than a year, despite repeated denial by authorities.


Germany ‘set to deport half its Afghan refugees’ as part of reconstruction deal with Kabul

Germany - mapThe German Government is reportedly considering whether to deport half of the country’s Afghan migrants.

The nation currently contains 79,449 Afghans who have applied for asylum.

Berlin wants to deport around 40,000 people back to Afghanistan as part of a bilateral arrangement with Kabul – including refugees prepared to return voluntarily.

germany-afghanistan-flagsMigrants whose asylum applications have been rejected three times in a row are also planned to be included, according to Bild magazine.

There is no mention of what kind if timescale the deportations would stick to, and it is not expected to include women and children.

Under the plan most migrants would reportedly be taken to Afghanistan on charter flights

The news comes amid rising tensions over migration into Germany, and increasing support for right wing political parties.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticized in some quarters for her ‘open door’ policy for refugees after Germany took around one million people sought asylum in the country last year.

A further 300,000 people are expected to arrive over the next 12 months.

The huge number of incomers are currently being housed in hostels, sports halls and army barracks.

The cramped conditions have led to incidents of violence at times, which have horrified public opinion in Germany.

Voters delivered a stunning rebuke in a recent election to Merkel, who has firmly stood by her policy of embracing more and more refugees. Her party, the Christian Democratic Union, suffered its worst defeat ever at the polls, and fell to third behind a nationalist party with a platform of limiting refugee intake.

Now candidates from a sister party, the Christian Social Union, are vowing not to back Merkel for a fourth term. Although Merkel has acknowledged her refugee policies have been a source of trouble for the country, she is adamant that the lack of support is based on flawed implementation rather than the principal behind the policies.

“There are political issues that one can see coming but don’t really register with people at that certain moment,” Merkel said in a recent interview, blaming failure to act sooner for the unrest regarding the refugees. “In Germany we ignored both the problem for too long and blocked out the need to find a pan-European solution.”

Tensions Rising in Germany

Germany - mapGermany is blowing up again over migration. The Saxon town of Bautzen has, like dozens of similar places across Germany, a barracks for some of the million or two Middle Eastern migrants who have been streaming across the Mediterranean for the past year-and-a-half. People in Bautzen aren’t used to foreigners, and now groups of young men have taken to congregating in city’s central square, the Kornmarkt.

The migrants say they come there for the free internet. This upsets the locals, 80 of whom waged a pitched battle against 20 teenage migrants on Wednesday evening. Alcohol was involved on both sides.

Accounts differ on who is to blame. The Germans say that the young migrants (whom they refer to as UMAs, the German acronym for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum) are harassing women and smashing things. The UMAs, in turn, say the locals (whom they refer to as “Nazis”) accost them every day with shouts of “Foreigners out!”

The confrontations take place against the background of a more general society-wide anger in Germany.

schon-am-samstag-war-es-beiLast Saturday, Bautzen’s right-wingers and left-wingers confronted each other on the streets, much as they did a century ago in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and Germany’s defeat in World War I.

On Thursday night, following the fights, 350 people, most of them natives, were on the streets again. A cordon of police was required to separate the pro-immigrant and anti-immigrant sides—again, much as they once tried to separate the Communists and anti-Communists.

The anger overflows in all directions. Clearly Germans are losing patience with immigration.

UK To Build Wall at Calais

calaisA four meter high, half mile long, wall will soon grace the port at Calais, to keep migrants from boarding trucks illegally. It will be built either side of the main two-lane road leading to the terminals. Migrants try to jump cars and trucks at this point, often using violence and weapons, so the idea is welcome to travelers.

UK’s Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill
UK’s Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill

The UK’s Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill, told Members of Parliament that the four-metre high wall was part of a £17m package of joint Anglo-French security measures to tighten precautions at the port.

“People are still getting through,” he said. “We have done the fences. Now we are doing the wall,” the new immigration minister told the Commons home affairs committee.

The illegal camp will be behind the wall, but it seems the wall will not be long enough, because it doesn’t cover the stretch of road next to the sea.

Fencing surrounding the ferry terminal in Calais
Fencing surrounding the ferry terminal in Calais

Smooth concrete will be used to prevent easy scaling of the wall, though determined migrants will not be deterred. Some local residents have protested because of the visual impact… but these are the same people whose lives have been ruined by the presence of so many illegal migrants who literally rule Calais with violence! They fail to acknowledge that the camp problem belongs to France and Calais, not to Britain, but it is Britain who will suffer the surge of Muslims if they are allowed illegal entry.

Migrant camp in Calais
Migrant camp in Calais

Aid workers complain that migrants will take even more dangerous risks to get through. The response of most UK residents would be “Tough – it is not their problem, but France’s,” and, “the migrants are illegal anyway,” and attack road users to and from the UK.

UK haulage companies, on the other hand, think it wastes money that should go into increased security along the two-lane road. The immigration minister replied that the wall is only part of a larger package, including a safe parking area for trucks, which are attacked daily by migrants.

Call for Hungary to be kicked out of EU over refugee stance

Luxemburg's Foreign minister Jean Asselborn addresses journalists as he arrives for an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg
Luxemburg’s Foreign minister Jean Asselborn addresses journalists as he arrives for an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s foreign minister on Tuesday called for Hungary to be kicked out of the European Union for treating refugees “worse than wild animals.”

Jean Asselborn called for a temporary or permanent expulsion for the central European country in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt.

“We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached,” he said.

“Anyone who, like Hungary, builds fences against refugees from war or who violates press freedom and judicial independence should be excluded temporarily, or if necessary forever, from the EU.”

Asselborn said changing EU rules to make it easier to expel Hungary was “the only way of preserving the cohesion and values of the European Union.”

Péter Szijjártó defended Hungary's controversial border fence and blamed the EU for failing to help.
Péter Szijjártó defended Hungary’s controversial border fence and blamed the EU for failing to help.

Hungary built a razor-wire fence over 100 miles long last year to stem the flow of migrants entering the country, most of them enroute to northern European nations from countries including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 1 million migrants entered Germany last year.

Hungary will hold a referendum on October 2 on EU proposals to relocate asylum-seekers among member states using mandatory quotas, a plan that is opposed by the right-wing government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Last month, a Human Rights Watch report said that Hungarian police and soldiers beat migrants and forced them back across the border to neighboring Serbia.

Also Tuesday, the Elders, a human rights group made up of global leaders and founded by Nelson Mandela, criticized an agreement by the EU to send migrants back to Turkey in return for financial aid.

The group said the deal was a “bad example” to other countries, was “morally dubious” and might be illegal under international law.

Austria imposes night-time curfew for migrants after soaring sex-attacks on women

At least eight women were sexually assaulted while enjoying a music festival.
At least eight women were sexually assaulted while enjoying a music festival.

are being slapped with a curfew following a spate of sex attacks on women.

At least eight women were sexually assaulted while enjoying a music festival, leading to the arrest of five young migrants from Afghanistan.

The victims, who were visiting the Welser Volksfest wine and beer festival in Wels, Austria, told police they had all been groped and sexually harassed. beerfest

They claimed the men had put their hands on their breasts and between their legs while inside a beer tent. 

In the aftermath officers ordered a night-time curfew for all migrants as the mayor of the town, Andreas Rabl, ensured they were adopting a “zero tolerance” approach to the crime.

In a post on social media, he demanded the “full consequences for the perpetrators”.

Asylum centers are now enforcing the night-time lock down

Deputy Mayor, Gerhard Kroiss, of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party echoed the mayor’s message.

He confirmed he had met with the managers of various centers, reminding them that they have a duty to implement “preventative measures”.

anti-migrant-protestThere has been outrage in the town after news of the sex attacks went public.

And two other assaults were reported in fellow Austrian towns, where two young women came forward to say they were harassed by a man masturbating in the toilet of a bar in the town of Linz.

In the neighboring state of Lower Austria, a 21-year-old Afghani migrant was arrested on suspicion of groping a 16-year-old’s breasts and bottom.

The German town of Cologne was rocked by a mass sexual attacks on New Year’s Eve, which saw gangs of migrants roaming the streets assaulting women.

The victims were visiting the Welser Volksfest wine and beer festival in Wels, Austria

Hundreds of reports of groping, at least five alleged rapes and other sexual assaults are said to have taken place in the town.

The horrific events led to an outcry across the country, and globally, with many calling for tough new measures against migrants, criticizing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘open door’ policy.

Migrant Gang Sexually Assault German Women On City Street

Germany - mapFive women were sexually assaulted by a gang of asylum seekers in Germany as police say the migrants threatened to beat the women with beer and champagne bottles.

The attack occurred in the early morning on Saturday in the German city of Hildesheim as the trio of migrants approached at least five different women, trying to kiss them, grope them and have sex with them. Police say that the attackers were 16 and 17-years-old and live at a nearby hotel that has been turned into an asylum accommodation, reports local paper Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung.

Police say that the victims of the attack, all between 18 and 21-years-old were walking down the streets of the city at around 2:40 am when they were approached by the trio of migrants. The migrants spoke to the women in English and attempted to corner them and kiss them. The victims say that the gang made various physical gestures that made it clear they were after sex.

When the women resisted the migrants by telling them to go away and using body language to ensure the migrants understood they weren’t interested, the migrants became irate. The men followed the women and then set upon them, striking the women in the face and grabbing their buttocks. One migrant kicked one of the women in the stomach.

After the beating the migrants once again tried to engage the women and this time threatened to smash several glass bottles of beer and champagne over the heads of the women if they didn’t comply with the demands of the migrants.

polizeiThree men on the street noticed the altercation and alerted police before confronting the migrants. The unnamed men were also attacked by the trio before police arrived on the scene.

Police arrested two of the three migrants, a 16-year-old Afghani and a 17-year-old Iranian. The third attacker managed to flee and police say they are still looking for him. According to the authorities the 16-year-old was visibly drunk and his partner passed out during the interrogation process due to circulatory issues, likely caused by alcohol.

Migrant sex assaults during the summer are becoming increasingly common in Germany and other countries that have taken in large amounts of migrants like Austria and Sweden. In Sweden police have even claimed that the sexual assaults are not the fault of the migrants but rather the European “drinking culture.”

This weekend also saw massive sexual assaults at a festival in the German city of Essen where at least 10 German women were sexually assaulted by men of a migrant origin.