ISIS Battles Israel From Gaza Strip

Rocket fired from Gaza toward Israel.
Rocket fired from Gaza toward Israel.

ISIS says it was behind a rocket strike against Israeli civilians launched from the Gaza Strip on October 5th.

While it’s been reported for some time that the Islamic State has sympathizers and even cells operating from Gaza, now the movement is making official its presence in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

The organization’s Gaza branch is known as the Grandsons (or Descendants) of Friends of the Prophet. Their tagline is Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis – The Environs of Jerusalem – Gaza Branch.

On the organization’s website it claimed responsibility for the rocket, which landed on a street in Sderot, the closest Israeli town to the Gaza Strip. “It was part of our ongoing jihad against the enemies of Allah– the Jews.”

The website includes photos of religious Jews, including children, promising “they won’t know safety in Muslim lands as long as our veins beat.”

The group has not made public operational details nor numbers of its fighters.

ISIS also has a foot in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula just across the border from Gaza. There the organization has carried out numerous attacks, predominantly against security personnel, killing scores.


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