Christian journalist who mocked Islam assassinated in Jordan

The scene of the murder
The scene of the murder

A few weeks ago, a Jordanian journalist shared on Facebook a caricature that was interpreted by many as offensive to Islam. Five days ago, the journalist was shot dead in the middle of the day in a public place.

In January 2015, 12 people were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo offices after the satirical weekly newspaper published a caricature mocking the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. On Sunday, another caricature about Islam brought about the assassination of a Christian journalist in Jordan. Nahed Hattar was shot at close range in the middle of the day apparently because he shared a caricature deemed offensive to Islam on his Facebook page.

The caricature
The caricature

A few weeks ago, Hattar was arrested after he uploaded the caricature. Many interpreted the caricature as offensive to Islam but Hattar claimed that he shared the caricature because he believed it mocked ISIS. Last week, he was released from police custody. However, it appears that not everyone was convinced that Hattar was only mocking the murderous terrorist organization.

The caricature featured a Muslim man in heaven while he is in bed with two women surrounded by wine and food. The Muslim man is portrayed as asking God for more wine and cashews. Hattar was known as an outspoken critic of Islamic movements and was also considered a prominent supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


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