Libyan Parliament Members Refer to Hillary as the “Butcher of Libya”

Three members of the Libyan parliament representing tribes that were brutally attacked by Islamic militia both during and after the coup that ousted Moammar Gadhafi charge Hillary Clinton is the “Butcher of Libya.”


The three lawmakers were speaking from Libya in a video conference call.

“Libyans accuse that Hillary and her group are behind the terrorist groups in Libya,” said Jaballah Al-Shibani of the now-homeless Tawergha tribe.

He was joined on the call by Saleh Fhema of Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte and Hassan Zarga, a member of the Hassuni tribe in central Libya.

“Hillary is behind all the terrorist groups controlling Libya,” Shibani said. “Hillary is behind Ansar al-Sharia, behind the militia in Misurata who destroyed a great part of Libya and displaced 2 million people from their lands because they were accused of being loyal to Gadhafi.

He said the Libyans remaining inside are displaced all over the country and not allowed to return to their homes, contrary to international human law.

The lawmakers accused Clinton of international crimes, beginning with the failure of the State Department to intervene when Islamic militia allowed the tribes supporting Gadhafi to be dislodged from their traditional tribal homes.

They expressed horror that Clinton’s State Department allowed the Islamic militia after ousting Gadhafi to engage in genocidal violence that was particularly brutal against the various black African tribes that supported the Libyan dictator.

The Libyan tribal leaders said the Islamic militants engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing against the tribes supporting Gadhafi.

The jihadists buried their victims in mass graves, raping thousands of women and imprisoning thousands more along with their children, the parliament members said. The imprisoned women were tortured and thousands of young girls were turned into sex slaves, they said.

Shibani said thousands are still held in prisons in Misurata.

He noted Hillary Clinton has traveled to Misurata a number of times to meet with the radical militias.

Hillary Clinton walks from her C-17 military transport upon her arrival in Tripoli Libya
Hillary Clinton walks from her C-17 military transport upon her arrival in Tripoli Libya

“Even today, Hillary continues to work with the radical Islamic militia in an effort to control Tripoli and the oil fields, while disregarding the atrocities committed against the people,” Shibani said.

Al-Shibani was asked what Clinton has done for the women and children of Libya.

“She has done nothing to help women and children in Libya,” he responded. “Under Gadhafi women were free to be educated, women were not required to wear any special clothing and women were free to walk the streets.”

Now, he said there are “thousands of families destroyed by the radicals, with the women now living under Shariah law with no education, no good health, no schools, no good food, because of Hillary Clinton’s policies.”

“Thousands are displaced and the militants control a great part of Libya,” he said.

He described the deplorable state of women and children in Libya after the coup.

“Women in Libya are imprisoned by the radicals by the thousands,” Shibani said. “Women have lost their husbands, their sons, their fathers. Some women are in prison for as long as five years,” he said.

“This is inhuman, against our culture. Women in prison are being raped and tortured. Young girls grabbed off the street and forced into sex slavery. When a woman gets out of the prison, she will be cut off from society,” said Shibani.

“We are shocked that those who preach democracy like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would allow women in Libya to be treated so horribly.”

In light of their traditional Islamic customs, tribal leaders further expressed concern that the women and girls raped and abused in prison will be regarded as permanently defiled by their communities after they are released.

“We don’t understand how Hillary Clinton and the international community can preach democracy while supporting the radicals in Libya who aim to rule Libya by force and violence,” Shibani said. “The only government promoting democracy in Libya is the elected parliament in Tobruk.”

Shibani stressed the parliamentary government in Tobruk, the only one elected by the Libyan people, is the only one of Libya’s three governments that the tribal leaders consider legitimate. The others are considered to be mere extensions of the Obama administration, NATO and the United Nations.

Shibani accused Clinton of being the architect of the deplorable condition in which Libya now finds itself, under the control of competing radical Islamic militia with close ties to al-Qaida and ISIS.

He asserted the motive of “Clinton and her group” was to gain control of Libya’s oil field for the Muslim Brotherhood, using the Islamic militia with ties to al-Qaida and ISIS to wrest control from the Libyan National Army and the Libyan tribes.

“Secretary Clinton orchestrated the plot with NATO that destroyed Libya for personal gain,” he said. “Secretary Clinton refused to support the Libyan National Army that wants to protect the oil fields for the people of Libya. Instead, Clinton and her group support the radicals aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood to control the oil fields and the oil revenue.”

Shibani explained his concern that Clinton supported the weapons embargo that has blocked the flow of arms to the Libyan National Army, while at the same time authorizing Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi to be responsible for arming the radical militia that ousted Gadhafi.

On October 2015, new documentary evidence of a secret State Department gunrunning operation appeared, confirming Clinton was responsible for shipping weapons into Libya with the goal of ousting Gadhafi.

Shibani stated that unless the Libyans are allowed to rid their country of the Islamists, Libya for the foreseeable future will most likely remain a failed state.

“For generations the black tribes of Libya have lived in peace with the other tribes and peoples of this country,” Shibani stressed.

He contended the militia engaging in genocide against the black tribes in Libya are outsiders, imported into the country by Obama, Clinton, NATO and the United Nations to grab for international profit Libya’s abundant oil resources.

Shibani believes greed is behind Hillary Clinton’s decision to join forces with the Muslim Brotherhood and the other Islamic terrorists in ousting Gadhafi, destabilizing Libya and killing Muslims across northern Africa and the Middle East.

A report by Human Rights Investigations, HRI, has characterized the violence done by Islamic militia in Libya to the Tawergha tribe “not just ethnic violence” but according to the legal definition, genocide.

In a report dated Sept. 26, 2011, HRI said it has “grave concerns, not only for dark-skinned people in Libya generally, but also for pro-Gaddafi tribes including the Gaddafa and al-Meshashyas. ”

“We also have particular concern for the Tuareg of southern Libya who are being accused of being ‘mercenaries’ and under attack from NATO and rebel forces. But the greatest concern is perhaps for the Tawergha.”

Reports dating from September 2011 indicate that while the slaughter of the Libyan people by the Islamic militias during and after the U.S.-backed NATO bombing was shocking, the case of the black Libyan tribes was even more so, with the blacks not being shot but chopped up to pieces, with their bodies burned before being thrown into some 128 mass graves found across the country

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