Terrorist organization in Gaza presents new rocket for next round of confrontation against Israel

gaza-stripA terrorist organization in Gaza displayed a rocket it claims can reach every strategic facility in Israel, making it a real threat to Israel.

Approximately two years after Operation Protective Edge ended, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), one of the terrorist organization in Gaza, is signaling that it is already ready for another round of confrontation against Israel. On Monday, the terrorist organization displayed the newest model of a rocket that was manufactured locally. According to the PRC, the rocket is a real threat to Israel.

new-rocketThe PRC claims that the rocket can reach all of Israel’s strategic facilities. The terrorist organization released pictures of the rocket being manufactured and explained its capabilities during a show that was put on today in Rafah. In addition, the PRC released a video documenting a trial launch. However, the terrorist organization did not mention the rocket’s exact range.

The Israeli security establishment has not yet commented on the terrorist organization’s claim regarding the rocket being a true threat to Israel.


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