Syria continues to produce chemical weapons, says the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Syria 5Recently, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) determined that Damascus has continued to produce chemical weapons despite the agreement the Syrian government signed two years ago, which dealt with dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal.

About two years after the pictures of Syria dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal surfaced, it appears that Damascus hid the truth to the world and continued to develop unconventional weapons discreetly. A new report released by the OPCW determined that the Syrians produced nerve agents that were placed in rocket warheads. According to the organization, the Syrians placed five times the amount of nerve agents in the warheads than the amount that the organization was aware of in the past.

One of the secret facilities in Syria
One of the secret facilities in Syria

In recent months, OPCW inspectors visited 28 facilities, labs, storage units and factories that were hidden by the Syrian government. One of the sites, which is called Hafir 1, is located near Homs. The inspectors returned to this site three times. After their visits, the inspectors concluded that the Syrian scientists produced Venomous Agent X (VX), sarin and mustard gas in the last two years at this site.

The report is based on samples, evidence and testimonies that were collected from all over Syria. It was also discovered that Damascus stored in an underground facility 140mm and 330mm artillery rockets with chemical warheads.


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