Rebel forces warn – Ceasefire about to collapse

civil_war_in_syriaInitially, it appeared as if the ceasefire in Syria that began in the beginning of the week was lasting. The battles between the Syrian Army and most of the rebel forces had almost completely ceased and the quietness returned for the first time in this long period of time to many cities. The US and Russia even agreed upon extending the ceasefire. However, it now seems like it is all about to collapse.

syrian-citizens-during-ceasefireThe main purpose of the ceasefire was to allow the safe passage of trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the civilians who are trapped in the heart of the bloody battles. However, the humanitarian aid that is supposed to be sent to Aleppo is still stuck along the Turkish-Syrian border today, 5 days after the ceasefire went into effect.

What is preventing the convoy of UN trucks carrying the aid is the military presence of the rebel forces and the Syrian Army on the road that leads to the besieged city. Both the sides blame each other for violating the agreement. Russian officials said that the Syrian Army started to retreat from the road but returned to its posts when the rebel forces fired at them. According to the rebel forces, there was no indication that the Syrian Army was withdrawing from its posts. At the moment, the UN is backing the rebel forces’ claims.

“The ceasefire, like we warned, will not last,” stated a senior level member of the rebel forces. “It is unacceptable that Russia will bomb during the day and night and also hold the position as one responsible for the agreement while the US is just watching from the side.” Syrian human rights organizations stated that over the night, fighter aircraft attacked rebel forces in Idlib and Hama. According to other reports, battles between rebel forces and the Syrian Army also occurred in Homs, Aleppo and Daraa.


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