Israeli female soldiers attacked in the West Bank

vehicleLast night, two female IDF soldiers were rescued from Tulkarem. This morning new details were revealed about how they managed to escape from the area before the crowd lynched them. They contacted the Israel Police, who instructed them how they could escape from the situation.

An initial investigation revealed that the soldiers contacted the Israel Police when they realized that they had gotten lost and stones were being thrown at them. In the conversation, they claimed that they did not know exactly where they were, which resulted in them accidently entering into Tulkarem, an area that is forbidden for Israelis.

The two soldiers noted that people were driving behind them while throwing stones at them so they could not make a U-turn and go back. The Police instructed them to continue driving so that they would not be lynched. At the same time, the Police began efforts in order to locate them.

After they were located, the Police coordinated a rescue operation with the Civil Administration and they were transferred into an Israeli area with the cooperation of the Palestinian Security Forces. After the operation, one of the soldiers stated that the Police helped to locate and rescue them.

The serious incident ended after a few hours last night with the two soldiers serving in the Paratroopers Brigade being transferred to Israel in mild condition. An initial investigation revealed that the two got lost after using a navigation application on their smart phone. The two, who were trying to get to their base in the Jordan Valley, ended up being directed towards Palestinian areas.


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