A five-time, Mexican deportee accused of serial rape and assault in Austin, Texas

Nicondemo Coria-Gonzales
Nicondemo Coria-Gonzales

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed with Fox 7 News in Austin that Nicondemo Coria-Gonzales was deported five times before returning to commit a series of rapes in the Austin area. The most recent deportation occurred in August 2016.

The previously deported criminal alien has reportedly admitted to picking up prostitutes and beating them out of anger. ICE officials have placed yet another immigration detainer on the suspect.

“There’s bad, really bad people, who want to do us real harm who are coming at us from all different directions north, south, east and west,” Immigration specialist Thomas Esparza, Jr. told FOX 7.

It appears that Coria-Gonzales illegally entered the U.S. six times, committing crimes along the way that earned him deportations.

“Five times deported and he’s still here? What did he do the first time to get himself deported? And why didn’t he learn after the second or the third or the fourth time? But already five times?! And he’s still back?! He’s a determined son of a gun, but at some point the dance is over and so, unfortunately, the dance is going to be over for him and he’s going to be in jail,” Esparza told FOX 7.

ICE officials told Fox 7 that Coria-Gonzales had been previously convicted of three driving while intoxicated offenses and possibly other criminal charges. His deportations began in September 2012, ICE officials told KXAN.

The man now stands accused of attacking and sexually assaulting at least 10 women in northeast Austin. Some of the ioncidents date back to December 2015, a time following several deportations of this alleged criminal.

His routine was to pick up women by offering them a ride–or to pick up prostitutes. At least half of the victims were reported to be sex workers, Austin police officials told KXAN.

In July, Coria-Gonzales picked up a 68-year-old woman at a bus stop to “take her to his garden.” The woman, who uses a walking cane, accepted the ride from the man who then drove her to a dirt road where he reportedly beat her and sexually assaulted her.

In another case, Coria-Gonzales attempted to set a woman on fire after taking her to a secluded road. She said she thought she would soon be dead when he brought out a gas can. The woman was reported to be a prostitute and did not immediately report the crime for fear of being charged as such. He reportedly did not try to have sex with her.

Other victims range from age 30 to 60.

Coria-Gonzales sits in the Travis County jail and is being held without bond. ICE officials have issued an immigration detainer.


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