Court sentences Arab-Israelis to years in prison for trying to establish ISIS cell

IsraelAn Israeli court sentenced 6 Arab-Israelis from Sakhnin to 2-6 years in prison for trying to establish an ISIS cell in Israel in order to carry out terror attacks against Israelis.

More than a year and a half ago, the Shin Bet revealed that a few young Arab-Israelis gathered some money in order to establish an ISIS cell in Israel. The head of the cell was Adnan al-Adin, a lawyer from Nazareth who worked as a public defender. Separate legal proceedings are being conducted against al-Adin.

The Shin Bet interrogated al-Adin along with the 6 suspects who were sentenced today. During their interrogations, it was discovered that they recorded themselves slaughtering sheep in order to practice murdering people. The suspects also recorded themselves riding horses in order to practice for possible attacks that they were planning.

During their interrogations, the suspects admitted that they united in the past year in order to establish a religious-nationalistic group linked to the ISIS ideology. Al-Adin presented himself to the 6 suspects as a senior level and official ISIS commander in Palestine. During the gatherings, he would preach about carrying terror attacks against Israelis and guided them about how to make weapons.

In an interview with Israeli Channel 2 News, al-Adin said that the territory of Israel will become part of the Islamic State.


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