France kicks out two ISIS fanatics after foiling ‘large-scale’ terror attack plot

France flag mapFrance has deported two Islamic extremists

Authorities had discovered the Moroccan nationals had been planning “large-scale terrorist attacks” in the evil jihadi group’s name.

Officials said that the two men were considered a “serious security threat” and that their presence on French soil “threatened public order”.

The Moroccan nationals, who were planning attacks in France and Morocco, were booted out of France on August 26.

isis-flagA spokesperson for the Moroccan Interior Ministry said: “An inquiry carried out by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) revealed that the two men had joined ISIS, and proved they fully supported the terror group’s ideology.

“One of the two suspects was recruited by a top ISIS chief actively involved in the terror group’s ongoing conflict in Iraq and Syria, and had been ordered to co-ordinate a number of large-scale terrorist attacks in France, during which he would officially pledge allegiance to ISIS.”

The ISIS supporter had been personally trained by his recruiter, and was due to join fellow jihadis in Iraq and Syria before the terror group decided he would complete the rest of his training in Europe.


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