Life Under Fire in Jerusalem Neighborhood

The residents of the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in Jerusalem live under random gunfire from a nearby Palestinian refugee camp with no end in sight. One of the residents’ fears that this Silent Intifada will develop into mortar fire: “The children find bullets on the streets. The kindergartens are empty.”

Firing at Pisgat Ze'ev
Firing at Pisgat Ze’ev

Although the wave of terror has died down in most of the country, the residents of Pisgat Ze’ev are still experiencing it every day. The shooting originates from the Shuafat Palestinian refugee camp and it frequently endangers the lives of the residents. Those who live on Eliyahu Meridor Street told reporters about the intolerable situation where the bullets penetrate into homes and cause harm. They state that the children are afraid to go outside and play in the parks.

Ofer Moha, a resident of the area, spoke about his feelings and the experiences of the families not living far away from Shuafat: “We didn’t know that we would be coming to a place where we are sitting ducks. Every Saturday, my children go out into the yard and collect bullets. It is sad.”

Moha spoke about an incident where shots were fired into his home: “My wife and I were sitting and watching television. Suddenly, we heard a knock of iron.  All of the building went outside and shouted: ‘They are shooting at us. They are firing at the building.’  I went outside and I saw a bullet hole in the trashcan in the yard. If there was not the trashcan there, the bullet simply would have penetrated inside my house without any doubt.”

“Every night, there is massive fire from there between the weddings and the family feuds,” he recalled. “They have a reason to celebrate. It is an opportunity for a type of exploitation. If my daughter recounts that I go to the supermarket and come back with a bullet, then the gunfire is not random. It is a deliberate act. Stop saying random firing. It’s really not the case.”

“Why when there is a clan fight, Pisgat Ze’ev must participate in it,” Moha pondered. “After all of the clan fights and weddings, there is firing. How is it that my daughter and I find bullets? How it is that cars are harmed? How is it that on Friday night, my friend sits to eat dinner and suddenly he hears tin rattling? When he goes outside, he sees that his grill has been perforated.”

Moha sadly confessed that this is just the beginning and that mortars and heavy fire bombarding the neighborhood is only a matter of time: “I think they are trying to see until where they can stretch the rope. They see that they can stretch the line and the Police simply don’t do anything. When I reported to the Police that there was 50 minutes of shooting, only the day after the Police came to gather evidence, document it and here is how it ended. The firing returned.”


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