US-trained Somali Commandos Raring To Go

Somali comandos
Somali comandos

A squad of 100 newly-minted Somali commandos are ready to hit the streets following the end of a nine-month training course run by American trainers.

Nicknamed Danab (lightning) due to their newly-acquired skills, the commandos are expected to significantly beef up the security effort in the capital Mogadishu which has in recent weeks grappled with a spate of terror attacks.

The squad at the Jazeera Military Academy received military equipment from the Americans including an assortment of light weapons and army transport vehicles.

Somali army commander Gen Abdirizak Khalif Elmi, who presided over the passing out ceremony, said the US assistance in training and equipping the squad was welcome.

“This specially trained cohort will play a unique role in the improvement of the security of Mogadishu,” said Gen Elmi.


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