Holder Warns Teachers against Disciplining Blacks & other Minorities

A number of parents and others have been concerned about the zero tolerance rules in many schools.  Rigid zero tolerance policies have resulted in numerous suspensions for totally innocent things that should never have been punished.  Ludicrous examples include:

  • Suspension of 6th grader for telling his friends on the school that he wished he had a gun to protect the students from harm.
  • Suspension of two 7 year olds for playing with their pencils, pretending they were guns and shooting at each other.
  • High school senior suspended and charged with felony weapons on campus because of a fish cleaning knife in his tackle box he had in his truck to go fishing right after school.
  • High school senior suspended for 5 games and her position as captain of the school’s varsity volleyball team because she answered the call of a drunk friend and gave her a safe ride home.
  • Suspension of a 6 year old for pointing his finger at another student and saying ‘pow’.

The list could fill pages and pages of examples how absurd teachers and school administrators have become in enforcing their zero tolerance policies.  But don’t worry; US Attorney General has sent a warning to teachers and administrators about abusing zero tolerance policies and punishing blacks and other minorities.  In a speech he gave in Baltimore, Holder said:

“Alarming numbers of young people are suspended, expelled or even arrested for relatively minor transgressions like school uniform violations, schoolyard fights or showing ‘disrespect’ by laughing in class.”

Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, and Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education
Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, and Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

Holder and Education secretary Arne Duncan recently released a set of new federal guidelines in which they urge school districts to adopt new disciplinary policies that are more fair, nondiscriminatory and effective.  The key word is ‘nondiscriminatory’ because they also informed educators that they will be reviewing school disciplinary actions such as suspensions to see if there were any civil rights violations.  The letter they sent out to school officials nationwide included the following warning:

“As part of this commitment, we will enforce Federal laws to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination in school discipline.”

Former US Rep Allen West sees Holder’s actions as another example of his racial prejudice to protect blacks and not whites.  West wrote:

“What did his remarks really mean? They accompanied the release of new federal guidance from the departments of Justice and Education encouraging (i.e. threatening) schools to adopt disciplinary policies that are ‘fair, nondiscriminatory, and effective.’ The guidance offers parameters for punishment as governed by federal civil rights protections, alternatives to exclusionary discipline and a comprehensive list of regulations on the books in every state.”

“So now the US Department of Justice under Eric Holder will use its power to enforce ‘civil rights protections’ in school disciplinary actions. In fact, the DoJ and DoEd are putting schools on notice that they are prepared to use their authority to investigate the claims of racial disparity in the punishment of students.”

“And of course the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is thrilled with this policy. The ACLU offered research showing that black students make up 36 percent of those expelled, though they represent only 15 percent of students.”

West points out that in many schools, like the one he taught in, the majority of incidents are perpetrated by black students far more often than others.  He explained:

“Yes, this violence on campus was perpetrated 8 out of 10 times by black students, male and female, but it had nothing to do with racial disparity. It had everything to do with a lack of discipline and control.”

“When a young man took a swing at me while I broke up a beat down that he and three others were giving a young man already on the ground, it had nothing to do with civil rights. It had everything to do with a criminal behavior which does not belong in a learning environment – and he was expelled. Now imagine under these new guidelines and rules, DoJ and DoEd would initiate an investigation.”

“Liberal progressives don’t want to tackle the problem they created, the decimation of the black family. Fifty years ago only six percent of births in America were out of wedlock today the number is 72 percent in the black community. There was a time when “acting out” at school resulted in having to stay after school and worse, a call home to mom and dad — talk about a beat down.”

“Common core — now this — the progressive socialist dream of state-run education is coming to fruition. But what is even more heinous is the message being sent that race is an excuse for bad behavior in our kids, an acceptable excuse at that. It means the death spiral for education in the black community will increase as we overlook or reward the most abhorrent conduct.”

“Perhaps this is why Holder and Obama want Debo Adegbile as the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division considering his defense of Black Panther and cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, when he was leader of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. There is no doubt that someone skilled enough to defend Abu-Jamal would be perfect to institute this policy of racial protectionism of juvenile criminal behavior.’

“This is my clear and succinct message to white Americans. How long will it be before ‘you people’ realize you have elevated someone to the office of president who abjectly despises you — not to mention his henchman Holder. Combined they are the most vile and disgusting racists — not you.”

If I wrote those words, I would be immediately labeled as a white bigoted

racist and would probably have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at my front door within a day.  But Allen West is not white.  He’s a black man who sees beyond color.  He sees the truth of what’s happening in today’s America.  He sees how so many blacks are taking to violence because they are black and if anyone stops them they can holler racial discrimination.

Former Rep. Allen West , R-FL
Former Rep. Allen West , R-FL

Allen West also sees the effects of fifty years of liberal socialism and how it has systematically destroyed traditional family structure and values.  Once these things crumble, the rest of society crumbles with it.  It’s like a cancer that spreads to the schools, the government, neighborhoods, the media and even the churches.  When a cancer spread to enough organs, the body can no longer survive and it dies.

So now when you read articles about students being suspended for frivolous things, don’t be surprised to learn that most of them are white.  Educators will be afraid to take strong disciplinary action against black and other minority students for fear of having the Department of Justice hunting them down and charging them civil rights violations.


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