Independence Weekend Gun Deaths in Chicago Virtually Unreported by Media

Despite being seemingly bumped from the front pages, gun control is alive and well. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband showed up in New Hampshire to promote their anti-gun agenda. Apparently New York’s Mayor Bloomberg is fronting the money for this nationwide tour. No big shock there.

Since the Newtown shooting, it seems there haven’t been any mass murders. “Gun violence” in America seems to have temporarily subsided. We haven’t heard of any shootings in months.

Could that really be or is it just not being reported? Well, you’d be smart to choose the latter.

Welcome to Chicago 01There is in fact gun violence, and it’s happening in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

While I would have hoped that everyone had a nice relaxing Independence Day weekend complete with all of the trimmings— parades, picnics, family gatherings and fireworks, the people of Chicago spent their long weekend dodging bullets. Of course watching, listening to, or reading any national media, one would never know that.

In Chicago, over the 4th of July weekend, a mere 74 people were shot and 12 were killed. That’s from Wednesday night to Sunday night!

dont-shoot-i-want-to-grow-up-chicago-220x110This happens month after month, year after year in a city with possibly the strictest gun control in the country. The totals for 2013, and we’re only halfway, are 870 shot and wounded, 180 shot and killed, and 211 total homicides (knives, clubs, fists, etc.).

So why is this not front page material, above the fold, in the New York Times? Why did you not see the weekend’s carnage when you opened your Internet browser? Could it be the mainstream press really does have an agenda?

Who is the mayor of Chicago? Oh that’s right, it’s Rahm Emanuel, friend of both the Clinton’s and Obama.

The media wouldn’t actually try to paper over the 1037 murders that have occurred since 2011 when Rahm took office would they? I’m sure that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

Check the Internet. Pick a search engine. There have been many reports of the weekend violence, but all were from conservative or local/regional sites. Nothing from the Times online, MSNBC, Washington Post, et al.

Several page searches in, you might stumble upon a CNN article in which they were trying to find a positive spin and actually reported gun violence was down. The report claimed that the city was making progress, but according to officials there was much to be done. If you find that article, you will notice that the article was from June, when only 40 were murdered and 225 shot and wounded. That’s progress?

They can try to sugarcoat this all they want, but there were more people shot in Chicago during that weekend than in Egypt.

Does the press have an agenda or do they just think that blacks being shot and murdered is important enough to report, unless your name is Trayvon.


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