France to Provide Lebanese Army with Heavy Weapons

France flag mapThe French government decided to provide the Lebanese army with heavy weapons to boost its military performance, a local newspaper reported.

According to al-Joumhouria newspaper, a recent meeting held between French and Lebanese Defense Ministry officials discussed the matter.

France decided in light of the meetings to supply the Lebanese army with anti-tank missiles and sophisticated surface-to-air missiles.

Informed sources told the newspaper that Paris is “confident that the Lebanese army command is controlling the institution despite what rumors said.”

“France is positive that Hezbollah will not be able to receive the arms,” the sources said.

Gen. Jean Kahwagi
Gen. Jean Kahwagi

In January, reports said that Army chief Gen. Jean Kahwagi was scheduled to visit Paris this to appeal for military aid and discuss ways to improve cooperation between the two countries.

Kahwagi last visited France at the head of a military delegation in 2011.

The army chief traveled to Britain in September to discuss ways to boost military cooperation between the two countries.

The U.S. had continuously objected the transfer of heavy arms to the Lebanese army saying the missiles could end up being used against Israel given the influence of Hezbollah.


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