Federal Government Urged to Patrol Chicago’s Streets

Reverend Jesse Jackson
Reverend Jesse Jackson

Longtime civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has called for the Department of Homeland Security to help patrol the streets of Chicago to deal with soaring gun violence in the city and for President Barack Obama to return to his adopted home city of Chicago and personally address the issue.  Jackson was holding a rally and march in honor of Hadiya Pendleton, the sophomore honors student shot dead in a local park days after performing at Obama’s second inauguration when he made the plea for presidential intervention.

Hadiya Pendleton
Hadiya Pendleton

Ms. Pendleton was shot and killed on 29 January as she stood with friends at a neighborhood park, less than a mile away from President Obama’s Chicago home in the Kenwood neighborhood. Police say 15-year-old Pendleton was an innocent victim in a gang-related shooting.

Hundreds of mourners, including US First Lady Michelle Obama, packed a funeral service for the Chicago teenager – whose killing catapulted her into the nation’s debate over gun violence. Reverend Jackson said Chicago needs more help than either Mayor Rahm Emanuel or police superintendent Garry McCarthy can provide, Reuters reported, and called for Obama to return to his hometown.  “When the president shows up, it shows ultimate national seriousness,” Jackson, a Chicago resident, said.

President Barack Obama speaks at Hyde Park Academy  in Chicago.
President Barack Obama speaks at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago.

President Barack Obama traveled to Chicago Friday to discuss gun violence. Many pundits pointed out that the President’s hometown was an odd venue for the speech, as it already has some of the Nation’s strictest gun laws. But, it seems, to no avail.

Within hours of the President’s speech, the sister of a 14-year-old who attended the event was shot dead in North Chicago, despite the President’s call to end street violence in the city.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

On Sunday, Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy — who previously has blamed Chicago violence on “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin — suggested that gun owners are corrupt individuals guilty of endangering public safety. McCarthy also suggested that legislators and judges should cast aside the Constitution and make and interpret laws based on public opinion polls.

Previously, McCarthy was pointing the finger in different direction.  “Most of our violence is gang related, much of it is narcotics gang related. They argue over turf and get into violent disputes with each other, and that’s how people get hurt,” McCarthy said at a press conference last month after a weekend of shootings claimed five lives and another 16 people were injured.

So far, other than a presidential appearance and a speech in Chicago, the Obama administration has yet to respond to Jackson’s plea. However, as gang-related violence in Obama’s hometown and elsewhere continues to claim lives and dominate headlines, it is entirely possible the federal government may directly intervene in Chicago as part of its effort further meddle in local law enforcement duties under the hysterical cover of putting an end to “gun violence.”

Jesse Jackson — whose words are right on cue for the nationwide rollout of armed TSA agents — wants the government to bring in a new domestic security force.

Obama even talked about this “civilian national security force” in 2008, when he explained that it needed to be as well-armed and well-funded as the military! His exact words, as WND.com reminds us, were:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

This is, in essence, a call for martial law a militant dictatorship enforced at the end of a gun. And it’s doomed to fail.

According to law enforcement experts the greatest social influences fueling the growth of U.S. gang membership are poverty and lack of solid economic opportunity.  Depending on whom you believe Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately affected by U.S. poverty with Hispanics populations living in poverty at 38-42% and Blacks at 30-33%. Under reported unemployment among minorities is also at historic highs while national high school graduation rates and out of wedlock pregnancies are at abysmal levels.

It’s no wonder gang membership rates, gang violence and murders are soaring.

The latest Chicago Crime Commission gang report is out, and it totals an enormous number of gang members in Chicago—68,000 or more. According to Jody Weis, who now runs the Commission, that makes Chicago the most gang-ridden city in the country.

The city has at least 59 gangs with 625 factions.  A cursory look at the Chicago Gang Map reveals that gang territories appear to span all over the city’s South and West Sides, but also show up in pockets on the North Side. Also, according to the map, a territory can be as small as a city block, or as large as an entire police district or neighborhood.

It will take a sizeable force to effectively secure and patrol such a large area and if anyone believes that there would not be any confrontations between government forces and gang members, they are living in a fantasy world.

Don’t you find it odd that Jackson, a man of dark skin color, wants his own brothers and sisters in the inner cities to be confronted and enslaved by armed government goons?  Any confrontation between DHS security forces and minority gang members could result in uprisings and violence in other cities.  Is Reverend Jackson ready for that?

imagesPerhaps, the reason the Obama administration has not responded could be that they are considering an alternative.  If you recall, when Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona asked President Obama for assistance in curbing the violence on the border in her state, the federal government posted signs ninty miles from the border.  Can we expect similar signs in and around the Chicago metropolitan area?


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