How Hamas Fights

The dictionary defines “coward’” as a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition or pain. Sadly, in our culture today, we have too many examples of this term. But there are clearly two levels of cowards: One stays away from confrontation altogether … never joining the fight. The other targets the innocent, from behind the innocent.

The latter describes Hamas, the majority party of the Palestinian Authority (PA): The government chosen by the “Palestinian” people.

The coward has many tools … but here are three in Hamas’ stash:

1. Terrorism is the tool of cowards. This is one of the weapons in Hamas’ arsenal. They perpetrate homicide bombings, targeting innocent Israeli men, women and children in order to kill or wound some … and inflict fear upon the remainder of the Jewish population.

2. Using human-shields is another tool of the coward. Hamas fire rockets from within densely populated areas (like schoolyards, neighborhoods and hospitals) of the Gaza Strip, provoking Israel to target the launchers. But as soon as the terrorists launch the rockets, they run for cover into underground bunkers, leaving innocent “Palestinian” civilians vulnerable. Their hopes are that Israel will accidentally kill these innocents so they can claim that Israelis target civilians.

3. A liberal, anti-Semitic Media is a tool of the coward. Every time Hamas (or their ilk) carries out a terrorist attack on innocent Israelis, the media is silent. But as soon as the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) defends its people by trying to target the perpetrators, the media suddenly finds its cameras and reports it to a low-info world … that is already tainted with an anti-Semitic mindset. The fact that Israel was attacked by Hamas gets “lost in their news stories” and it appears that Israel is the perp.

Gandhi once said, “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”

If the world is looking for Hamas, and the people who put them in power, to ever be loving neighbors to Israel … don’t look in Gaza: You’ll be gravely disappointed.


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