American Billionaire That Fled Communism Runs Ads Against Socialism

Thomas Peterffy

Billionaire Thomas Peterffy has put out a television ad this election cycle warning Americans of socialism here in America.

What makes the ad so special?

Peterffy was born during World War II in Hungary, he spent his childhood behind the Iron Curtain, where he says the country’s national spirit was eroded by a system that took away the drive of its people to work hard, build businesses and create jobs.

In 1965, at the age of 21, he fled his native Hungary and moved to America, where he began his American dream.  He worked hard and earned literally billions of dollars as the head of a successful brokerage firm, Interactive Brokers (Nasdaq: IBKR).

Peterffy launched the self-financed political ad last week that raises alarm bells over what he sees as the poisonous consequences of wealth redistribution and urges viewers to vote Republican.  The ad warns of a creeping socialism in our country.  It is not coming.  It is here.

While the ad supports Republicans, one must remember that Republicans have quite often had their horse tied to a socialist cart in the promotion of bigger government and entitlement programs. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans have their hands clean when it comes to advancing socialism here in America.

The video, which Mr. Peterffy said he plans to run on networks including CNN and CNBC between now and the election at a cost of $5 million to $10 million, makes him the latest wealthy businessman to lay out his own cash to gain a louder voice in the political process.  Already, the ad has been seen by nearly 600,000 people on YouTube.

Mr. Peterffy ends the video by saying that he will vote the Republican ticket in the upcoming elections. He said in an email that he believes voters in November could unwittingly decide the sort of social system that defines the country for decades to come.

His video can be seen here.


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