To Obama, ‘Compromise’ Means Doing It His Way

According to Barack Obama, every time there seems to be an impasse between Republicans and Democrats, he calls on the Republicans to compromise and then blames them when they don’t.

Last December, when the Bush Era tax cuts were about to run out, the Democrats were pushing a two month extension only while the Republicans were pushing for a one year extension. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that they would not approve of the Republican plan and that they were not about to budge on theirs. Then in the same breath, they both accused Republicans of being unwilling to compromise.

Last year, President Obama accused Republicans of not compromising on his jobs bill. In fact, House Republicans passed more than 12 jobs bills that went to the Democratic controlled Senate, where Reid refused to even allow most of them to be reviewed by committee.

In the latest issue of compromise, President Obama is challenging Republicans to once again compromise on extending the Bush Era tax cuts for everyone making $250,000 a year or less. The President insists on ending the tax cuts on anyone making more than $250,000 while Republicans say this will only hurt jobs as these are the people that create jobs. Speaking in his weekly radio address, Obama said:

“The only place we disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Republicans in Washington want more of those tax cuts. With the deficit we have, I don’t think we can afford them.”

“But even if we disagree on the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, we all agree that no American should pay more taxes on the first $250,000 of their income. So let’s at least agree to do what we all agree on. That’s what compromise is all about.”

So, in Obama’s own words, compromise is all about doing things his way. He wants others to compromise, but he is unwilling to do the same. What the president fails to realize is that compromise is a two way street, not a one directional forced pathway. I’ve always heard that it takes two people to compromise.

Basically, Obama should be using the term submit instead of compromise. He keeps insisting that Republicans submit to his way of doing things because he is unwilling to compromise or even consider their way.


2 thoughts on “To Obama, ‘Compromise’ Means Doing It His Way

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