Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorize Christians in Egypt

Mohammed Morsi

Once Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood gained control of Egypt, Mursi announced his plan to make Egypt a Muslim nation. Mursi is instigating a national policy in which any non-Muslims either pay a special tax to remain in Egypt or they leave the country. At the time of Mursi’s election, it was estimated that ten percent of the Egyptian population was made up of Coptic Christians.

However, it seems that many of Egypt’s Muslims are taking that policy one step further. In the past month, there have been a number of reports coming out of Egypt of Christians being harassed, beaten, tortured and even burned. Not all of the violence against Christians has been carried out by Muslim extremists. It seems that some government soldiers as well as police have been involved in the attacks on Christians as well.

Mursi’s government has done nothing to condemn the violence against the Christians. The only comments I’ve read from the Egyptian government are those that repeat Mursi’s desire to have an Islamic nation.

Now, in the wake of the Muslim uproar over the now famous anti-Islamic video, Egyptian militants are using this as an excuse to escalate their attacks on Christians in the country. At least one of the people involved with the production of the video, Innocence of Muslims, has ties to Egypt’s Coptic Christians. This seems to be all the evidence needed for Egypt’s Muslims to take their revenge out on the Coptic Christians in the country who had absolutely nothing to do with the making or distribution of the film.

One report out of Egypt has claimed that militants have vowed to kill every Coptic Christian in the city of Naja Hamadi. This city about 60 miles from Cairo has a large Coptic Christian community.

Throughout Egypt, dozens of Coptic Christians have been killed, hundreds wounded and several hundred thousand have left the country for fear of their lives. All the while, President Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood have done little if anything to curb the violence.

Hillary Clinton with aid, Huma Abedin

That’s the same Muslim Brotherhood that ties back to Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and confidant, Huma Abedin. That’s also the same Muslim Brotherhood that President Barack Obama and his administration continue to support and give billions of dollars to.

Your and my tax dollars are being used to help support the mass attacks and slaughter of Egypt’s Coptic Christians and all our government does is give them more our tax dollars and tell them job well done.


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