U.S. Government to Buy German Submarines for Egypt

President Barack Obama’s deputies are negotiating a $1 billion aid package with Egypt’s new Islamist government, even as Egypt’s cash-strapped military revealed that it is trying to buy $1 billion worth of German submarines that could threat Israel’s fast-growing offshore energy projects.

The Islamist government recently won promises of aid from Arab countries, and hopes to complete the $1 billion loan-forgiveness deal with Obama’s deputies by the end of the year.

German built 209 Class Submarine

The submarine controversy began Sept. 31 when Egypt’s leading newspaper, Al-Ahram, reported that the country’s chief naval officer, Osama al-Gindi, said “We have agreed to a deal with Germany to procure two submarines of the latest 209 Class.”

A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government declined to comment on the article, saying only: “There has been no change in the German government’s position towards Israel, in the commitment the German government feels towards Israel’s security.”

But he declined to comment on the supposed deal, saying the government maintained secrecy concerning matters dealt with by the Federal Security Council, a government committee that decides on sensitive weapons export deals.

Israeli newspaper Jediot Achronot reported that ties between Israel and Germany had dramatically deteriorated because of the deal.

A German weapons sale to Egypt could be seen in Israel as running counter to Germany’s commitment to protecting the state of Israel — a cornerstone of German foreign policy due to the Holocaust.

The Israeli government declined to comment on the article.

For the role of the United States, the U.S. State Department has also refused to comment.

Class 209 submarines are built by the companies HDW and Nordseewerke and are among the most advanced non-nuclear submarines available. Germany has sold some 60 of those vessels to 12 nations.

The Type 209 submarines can stay underwater for lengthy periods, are sufficiently quiet to elude easy detection and can launch attacks without being identified. They can carry 14 torpedoes, mines or missiles that can sink ships or destroy oil rigs.

Israel has already bought six of the U-boats to protect its trade routes from future attack by any of the many Muslim-majority states around the Mediterranean Sea.


2 thoughts on “U.S. Government to Buy German Submarines for Egypt

  1. President Obama says “We won’t allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.” Any nation that has wanted this has acquired the bomb. President Clinton and Madeline Albright guaranteed North Korea wouldn’t get it. South Africa got it despite strictest embargo. So did Israel.
    North Korea plans on conquering South Korea. Iran plans on destroying Israel and becoming the new Ottomans. The nations are collaborating. Their plan is to build submarines with cruise missiles and deploy nuclear warheads near both U.S. coasts to deter our interference with their aggression. Proof of this is Iran asking Russia’s help in building submarine reactors (they refused ). China just deployed their first aircraft carrier as they mobilize to attack Taiwan. Many Japanese, feeling vulnerable, want the bomb.
    As Egypt says they’ll void their peace treaty with Israel, Germany is about to sell them two modern submarines. American taxpayers are paying for both with $1 billion in aid money! That’s exactly the price tag of the subs. Egypt’s people are among the poorest, but they’ll spend a billion on submarines. Their Navy is already 3 times the size of Israel’s.
    Our leaders are too incompetent to see that another world war is brewing. We won’t be prepared. We’re helping to bring it about. The world will burn again. This time more of it will glow.
    A $22 trillion debt by 2016 spells catastrophe. One day soon we’ll wake to a government in default. To a worthless currency. To a collapsed stock market. We can’t fight the coming war with a crippled economy.

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