Is Gay Marriage The ‘Winning’ Issue the left Thinks?

The Huffington Post reported that the Democratic National Committee has unanimously decided to add gay marriage to the official party plank at this year’s convention. Although many Democrats have widely supported gay marriage for years the LGBT community has never has marriage equality officially recognized at the DNC. Not only will the party officially support same-sex marriage at this year’s convention it will publicly denounce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well.  The news, first reported by the Washington Blade, represents a historic and phenomenal win for LGBT rights groups, which could hardly have envisioned progress being made so quickly on this front.

The party’s Platform Drafting Committee agreed, unanimously, to approve the language at a meeting this weekend in Minneapolis. A source in the meeting said the decision was “not controversial.” The language will not become official until the party’s full Platform Committee meets Aug. 10 in Detroit.

The effort to include gay marriage in the platform gained increased momentum after President Barack Obama announced in May that his views on the issue had changed to support legalization.

The progressive agenda machine is blissfully unaware of a little thing called reality and the real circumstances of the people it pretends to champion.

Of the swing states that are up for grabs in 2012 only Colorado and New Hampshire favor gay marriage in polling.  Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Florida – all swing states – gay marriage is opposed by anywhere from 19 points to 30 points.

But the swing states only tell part of the story. Polls can only be so accurate. It is what people do in that quiet moment that they have by themselves in the voting booth when nobody else can apply pressure or influence that tells the true story.

When actually put to this test, Alaska rejected gay marriage by 36 points. Nebraska rejected it by 40, Nevada – 34, Arkansas – 50. Georgia rejected gay marriage by 52, Kentucky by 50 – it was 75 to 25. In Louisiana, they rejected gay marriage by 56 points. Mississippi by 72 points. Michigan rejected it by 18 points. Missouri by 42, Montana – 34, North Dakota – 46, Ohio – 34, Oklahoma by 52, Utah – 32, Kansas – 40, Texas – 52, Alabama – 62, Colorado by 12, Idaho by 26, South Carolina by 56, South Dakota by 4, Tennessee rejected gay marriage by 62 points. Virginia by 14, North Carolina by 22, and the ultimate swing state, Florida, rejected gay marriage by 24 points.

Granted, a lot of those states are conservative in their leaning, but Hawaii rejected it by 38 points. Oregon, rejected it by 13 points. Wisconsin rejected gay marriage by 18 points and even California rejected it by 4.

Nevertheless, it is now part of the Democratic Party platform.

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