German City Council Pardons 38 Witches From 1600s

The Cologne City Council in Germany pardoned and rehabilitated the names of 38 “witches” who were executed in the 1600s, officials said.

Council members voted unanimously late last month to pardon the witches, The reported.

The move was not a judicial act, as German authorities today do not have the power to overturn rulings made under the Holy Roman Empire, but was intended to restore the names of those who were accused of and put to death for being witches.

Cologne is the 14th city in Germany to try to distance itself from the witch trials. Historians believe about 25,000 women and men were sentenced to death in Germany in the past for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Apparently local governments in Germany do not have to concern themselves with shutting down lemonade stands or banning Big Gulps!


One thought on “German City Council Pardons 38 Witches From 1600s

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