CNN Calls Out Robert Gibbs On Obama’s ‘False Attack Ads’ Against Mitt Romney

CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday actually pressed a senior Barack Obama adviser on the campaign’s “false” claim that Mitt Romney was responsible for outsourcing while at Bain Capital. Unlike ABC, which credulously parroted Obama’s attacks, Crowley reminded Robert Gibbs that “this particular ad got four Pinocchiosfrom the Washington Post.”

The Obama operative dodged, huffing, “ ought to read the Washington Post, which is the one that came up with a report that said…Mitt Romney and Bain Capital were pioneers in outsourcing.”

Crowley wouldn’t let go of the point, reminding, “Mitt Romney was not running Bain. He had cut ties and gone off.” CNN’s graphic for the segment boldly knocked the “false attack ads.” [MP3 audio here.]

In comparison, on the July 1 edition of ABC’s World News, Rick Klein uncritically trumpeted, “Democrats are definitely breaking through by calling into question what Romney wants to be his biggest strength.” He failed to explain or challenge the Obama complaints.

Crowley hit Gibbs on a number of economic topics, at one point wondering, “But the jobs are not flourishing now, and folks don’t actually seem to think that the president would handle it better than Mitt Romney, so I’m just trying to figure out what the sales pitch is here.”


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