Syrian Rebel Terrorists Ransack Christian Churches As NATO and Media Remain Silent

A series of shocking images have been released that show NATO backed Syrian rebels ransacking Christian churches and, sadly, the mainstream media wants nothing of it.

The pictures provide even more evidence that many of the opposition members in Syria are actually al Qaeda, on top of the proof provided by a video released last year that showed, what CNN has dubbed as activists, flying the al Qaeda flag.

Remember, these are the so called activists and opposition groups that the media has force fed us for the last few months as they continue their propaganda push for yet another takeover of a sovereign country by NATO.

The picture above shows a Syrian “activist” posing in front of a funeral car with a Catholic cross, a gun and wearing a priest’s garments all of which are acts considered extremely disrespectful and a sin by the church.

The next picture shows the scene shortly after the terrorists looted and destroyed a church in Bustan al-Diwan (Old Homs).

While Syrian rebels busy themselves ransacking Christian churches, they’re also rallying around the Al-Qaeda flag just as their counterparts did in Libya.

This video shows Syrian “activists” flying the Al-Qaeda flag during an anti-Assad protest in the northern Syrian town of Binnish.

In another clip, armed Syrian rebels address the camera standing behind a table draped with the black Al-Qaeda flag.

Why are western governments who are supposed to be engaged in a ‘war on terror’ against radical Muslim terrorists handing those very same terrorists control over entire countries?

A third image sent by our source shows another place of worship, Church Um Al Zinar, with part of its roof missing thanks to Syrian rebels who have been portrayed by the international media as saints despite their involvement in terrorist bombings and massacres.

As the Syrian Opposition Groups continue to gain ground in Syria amid a huge influx of foreign weapons, scenes such as the one depicted in the pictures above may become all too commonplace.

It is also important to point out that many of the statistics that have been released as to how many civilians have been killed by Syrian government forces have actually been released by the leaders of these opposition groups and then spread by the foreign governments opposed to the Syrian government and their media outlets.

The reality on the ground is that there are clear indications that the opposition groups and possibly a third party are the ones carrying out a percentage of the atrocities.  None of that is being reported either at White House briefings or in the news media.


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