Daniel Hannan Warns, “Don’t Repeat Our Mistakes”

Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been a Conservative Member of the European Parliament  for South East England since 1999. Having been born in Peru, he speaks Spanish, as well as  French, fluently.  He loves Europe, but believes that the European Union is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free.

He warns Americans not to follow the same path Europe has taken, and urges Americans to “make your rulers remember they are not rulers but representatives.”

“Don’t repeat our mistakes… Europe is a grizzly image of the future towards which your present rulers are intent on taking you… Stick to the principles on which the republic was founded.” — Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan gave a rousing speech at CPAC earlier this year. Hannan not only seems to understand the importance of America as a beacon of freedom and opportunity more than many of our politicians, but he articulates it better than many of them as well. Watch his full CPAC speech below.  



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