Obama Administration To Bypass Congress–Again

Obama administration officials are increasingly using regulation and litigation to bypass Congress. The most recent event was openly called for by President Obama himself. While speaking in Pittsburgh recently, the President was obviously disappointed when his Democratic-controlled Senate did not pass his “Jobs Bill.” His frustration was showing when he announced that he was ordering his staff to pour over the bill to find ways that he can order it into law by Presidential decree without Congressional approval.

This is not new for our leader.

You might recall that when Congress (again, Democratic-controlled) failed to bend to his wishes and pass the Dream Act, immigration officials announced, that they will no longer apply immigration law against illegal immigrants who are studying, who have family relations in the U.S. military, or who are caring for ailing relatives. Two months later, officials announced they would drop deportation procedures against up to 300,000 illegal immigrants who are now being held, but not suspected of having committed major crimes. Those who are released will get a work permit, even though national unemployment is at least 9.1 percent.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that he would use his regulatory power to exempt state education agencies from the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, providing they develop alternative education standards that meet his approval.

Amid increasing pressure from gay groups and voters, Obama’s appointees at the Department of Justice decided that 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, and announced they would not defend it from a constitutional challenge.

The administration has used and is continuing to use bureaucratic procedures to constrict legal energy extraction since the Democratic-led Congress failed to pass the “cap and trade” law to regulate carbon-dioxide.

President Obama did not seek congressional authorization before launching strikes on Libya. Instead, he based the authority for his mission on a United Nations resolution that only authorizes force in order “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack.” Those words notwithstanding, our targets in Libya — and other comments by Obama — suggest that the real goal is getting rid of Moammar Gadhafi, aka “regime change.

These are just examples of the current administration finding other means to advance their agenda when either Congress, the Constitution or the will of the people get in the way.

If there are elections next year, we need to elect a president and a legislature that can begin the process of turning the ship of state in the direction of liberty and freedom. That direction is back toward the Constitution.


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