Another Slap In The Face of Britain By Obama Administration

On his recent trip to London, President Obama was singing the praises for the Special Relationship between our two countries, but his administration has continued to slap Britain in the face over the issue of the Falkland Islands, an issue of high sensitivity in the UK. Washington has signed on to a “draft declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” passed by unanimous consent by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) at its meeting in San Salvador this week.

The issue has been heavily pushed by Argentina and, in signing on, the United States finds itself on the same side as Venezuela and Nicaragua.

The declaration calls for Argentina and Great Britain to enter into negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falklands, a position which London views as completely unacceptable.

Washington backed a similar resolution in June of last year, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear in a joint press conference with Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires in March 2010 that the Obama administration fully backs Argentina’s calls for negotiations over the Falkands. The State Department has also insultingly referred to the Islands in the past as the Malvinas, the Argentine name for them.

The sovereignty of the Islands is not a matter for negotiation, and Britain plainly state they will never give in to threats from Argentina or its tyrannical allies.

As Margaret Thatcher famously reminded the world, in an address to the House of Commons after the Argentine invasion in April 1982, the Falklands are, and always will remain British.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Barack Obama has been the most anti-British president in modern American history. The Special Relationship has been significantly downgraded, and at times humiliated under his presidency, which has displayed a shocking disregard for America’s most important partner and strategic ally.


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