Rep Clyburn Brings Race Into Obama’s Re-election Chances

House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday blamed most of President Barack Obama’s political problems on racism.

Clyburn, who’s from South Carolina and is a close ally of the president, offered his views in response to a question about Obama’s re-election prospects next year.

“I think they’re improving every day,” Clyburn said. “I think the president has been a good president, a great commander in chief.”

He didn’t talk about the president’s controversial speeches, decisions, or even gaffes. Instead, Clyburn brought up Obama’s race as the first black president.

“You know, I’m 70 years old,” he said. “And I can tell you; people don’t like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of his skin color.”

Clyburn noted that he himself got hate mail, racist phone calls and offensive faxes on a regular basis. Asked how that relates to the president, Clyburn retorted: “We have the same skin color; that’s how it relates to him.”

He doesn’t remember the hate and verbal assaults levied on George W Bush while he was in office and even after he left. He is apparently not aware of all of the attacks and threats directed at Sarah Palin. And I’m sure he has no idea of the amount of hate and vitriol that is spewed at Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham. How does it relate to them? They obviously do not have the same skin color.

No, for them, it is part and parcel for being in the public arena in today’s extreme America.

For Rep Clyburn it is not skin color at all. He is just another Democrat who uses race as a weapon to keep the country divided. It is in their history to do so and it is wrong.


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