Spring Break

It’s Spring Break time again and many young Americans will be headed for Mexican resorts to rest, relax and have fun.

I thought you might want an idea of who your hosts will be during your stay. Brochures in your travel agent’s office may show a Mexico of sun, surf and R&R, but an escalating landscape of cartel violence would make any traveler stop and reconsider spring break plans.

In 2010, the cartel wars in Mexico have produced unprecedented levels of violence throughout the country. No longer concentrated in just a few states, the violence has spread all across the northern tier of border states and along much of both the east and west coasts of Mexico.

Last year’s drug-related homicides have surpassed 11,000, an increase of more than 4,400 deaths from 2009 and more than double the death toll in 2008.

I would be wrong to lead you to believe that the cartel violence has been directed a Americans in the resort areas. It has not. It would be just as wrong to not remind you that being in the wrong place at the wrong time might involve automatic weapons fire and explosive devices all aimed at someone else.

Mexico needs the tourism dollars, so you make the choice. I would rather see you take a safer trip and spend spring break on Florida beaches or some other American location. Frankly, Americans need the tourism dollars too.

Either way, have a good time, don’t forget the sun screen and be careful!


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