Scott Brown for Senate

If you are unhappy with the out of control spending; if you are part of the majority of Americans who oppose the health care legislation being forced upon us; if you believe passage of the Cap and Trade Bill would be a mistake; if you are a patriot who would like to get involved in taking your country back, but don’t know how, there is something that you can do NOW to help.

The state of Massachusetts is holding a special election on January 19th to fill the seat in the United States Senate left open by the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy. As recently as a month ago, the Democrat candidate, Attorney General Martha Coakley, led in the polls by 30 points and was considered a lock to hold the seat for the Democrats. As of this week, it appears the lead has been cut to single digits in the polls and one poll actually calls it an even race.

Scott Brown the Republican candidate, can use your help to take that 60th vote away from Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate. If you want to help, visit Scott’s web site where you can donate to the campaign or actually get involved yourself and volunteer. Donations, large or small, will be a big help and even from outside Massachusetts, you can still do some work for the campaign! You don’t need to be a resident to volunteer. Call your friends and urge them to do the same!

I urge you to support Scott Brown’s campaign and help elect him to the United States Senate!


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