Has Political Correctness Finally Gotten People Killed?

Last week, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan entered a medical facility at Fort Hood, prayed briefly, then shouted “Allahu akbar” before he began gunning down American troops, killing 13 and wounding another 31.

I happened to be watching cable news when the story was breaking and was struck by the fact that at least two cable networks were reporting within the first hour that the FBI had issued a report that the incident was not an act of terrorism. A few hours later when President Obama addressed the situation for the first time, he also seemed to be warning Americans not to “jump to conclusions” concerning the cause of the shooting.

The mainstream media wasted no time, or research, in jumping to their own conclusions that the suspect was suffering from “stress” and had snapped. The day after the slaughter, the New York Times ran one editorial and two of three op-eds asserting as much. The Los Angeles Times jumped to the same conclusion, running an article on the massacre titled: “Fort Hood Tragedy Rocks Military as It Grapples With Mental Health Issues.” Time magazine followed suit, posting an article titled: “Stresses at Fort Hood Were Likely Intense for Hasan.”

Since Maj. Hasan had never been deployed overseas, much less seen combat, progressive bloggers and the mainstream media seem to have discovered the first recorded case of “pre-traumatic stress syndrome.” Their point seems to be that the real victim of the massacre at Fort hood was Maj. Hasan.

According to numerous eyewitness accounts, Hasan

· denounced the “war on terror” as a war against Islam.
· said Muslims should attack Americans in retaliation for the war in Iraq
· defended suicide bombers as the same type of hero as the soldier who throws his body on a hand grenade to save the lives of his comrades
· reportedly had said he was “happy” when a Muslim murdered a soldier at a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas earlier this year
· shared a “spiritual adviser” with two of the Sept. 11 hijackers, Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, whose unseemly enthusiasm for jihad got him banned from speaking in Britain, even by video link
· A few years ago, Hasan delivered an hour-long PowerPoint lecture to an audience of doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, arguing that non-Muslims should be beheaded and have burning oil poured down their throats
· has attempted to contact al-Qaeda

Despite being well aware of Hasan’s disturbing views and conduct, the Army did nothing. It is not illegal for someone to say that Muslims should attack U.S. troops due to their operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, or that more Muslims should conduct attacks like the June 1 shooting at the recruiting center in Little Rock. As Chris Matthews of MSNBC argued, it is not illegal to contact al Qaeda. However, any or all of these actions would certainly appear to be conduct unbecoming a U.S. Army officer which is a violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). You see, the military member who volunteers to protect every other American’s freedoms, gives up some of their own to do so. The Army could have removed Maj. Hasan from duty and the whole issue could have been avoided.

The government knew of Maj. Hasan’s views and his activities and the question becomes why wasn’t something done before the shooting. Where was the breakdown in communication? Did the FBI provide the Army with their information? Did the NSA intercept incriminating communications between Maj. Hasan and Imam Anwar al-Awlaki? Did Maj. Hasan see the article by by the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasir al-Wahayshi, for jihadists to conduct simple attacks against a variety of targets in the Muslim world and the West?

Admittedly, I don’t have all of the facts of the case, but a little thing like not having all of the details wouldn’t stop David Shuster, Chris Matthews, or Keith Olbermann from giving their opinions as fact, so I won’t stop here. If I were one of the analysts who handled information concerning Maj. Hasan, I might have considered the treatment of CIA members who followed their directives concerning some other alleged Muslim terrorists only to find their government turning on them and wanting to prosecute them. It appears that if you do your job in the intelligence community, but aren’t careful to be politically correct and determine which way the wind is blowing, you could find yourself being the guilty party.

I can determine a couple of things without an expensive investigation that will only get politically correct results. Maj. Hasan committed an act of terror. Maj. Hasan is a follower of Islam. Maj. Hasan’s views appear to be a little on the radical side (the United States Army being a little on the conservative side as a whole). Therefore, Maj. Hassan is a radical Islamic terrorist.

It’s time to get past the political correct culture that avoids the truth. Am I saying that all Muslims are radical? No. Am I saying all Muslims are terrorists? No. Is there any evidence of a backlash, either in the military or the counrty as a whole that had Progressives worried to the point of making excuses for Maj. Hasan? No.

Still, the man is a terrorist and we need to get over the age of political correctness and say so. I just did.


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