Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to…Barack Obama

Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.  I do not intend to rant about how he deserves or doesn’t deserve to have won the award.  I think everyone has pretty much made up his or her own mind about that.  So, I’ll take the high road and say, Congrats, Mr. President!

There are some questions though because I tend to believe that this award was set up by the same people who have placed Barack Obama in the position he currently holds.   I think the plan called for President Obama’s agenda to be much farther along by this point in time.  I believe the Obama handlers thought there would already be both a Cap and Trade Bill and a Health Care Plan in place by now.  I suspect they actually had visions of an amnesty bill as well by now and possibly the Fairness Doctrine as icing on the cake.

I think they weren’t counting on anything going wrong with the plan because they had control of both houses of Congress, they had the press in their pocket and they had enthusiastic momentum from their followers.   They even had both a hapless outgoing president and a huge economic crisis to use as leverage and to blame things on.

By this time, the Nobel Peace Prize should have been a well-deserved honor and the launching pad to spread his agenda to the rest of the world.

Think about it and you decide.  Barack Obama was nominated within two weeks of his taking office as President of the United States.  I suspect at that point he still was not comfortable finding his way around the White House.  Within three months of the inauguration, the vote was taken by the Nobel Committee. 

What had Barack Obama done to deserve the nomination, let alone the award by that time?  Not much.

But, hey what the heck.  They gave the same award to some guy who took a bunch of scientists who promoted a theory based on a flawed computer program that said the globe was warming and that we would have massive flooding from melting polar icecaps by the end of the decade.  And didn’t Yasser Arafat win the award one year?   Yes, I believe he did, so I guess it doesn’t mean all that much.

Let’s look on the bright side.  President Obama is planning to donate the cash award for the prize to charity!  Me being the silver lining searcher with every dark day, am thrilled to hear that.  I can safely say that there will be at least one charity that you will still be able to claim as a tax deduction next year!!!


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