Obama’s Government of Czars

With the replacement this week of Steven Rattner as the Obama Administration’s Car Czar, it might be a good time to take a look at Obama’s real administration.

For the past six months, President Barack Obama has been establishing a shadow government of “czars” in the White House. These czars apparently have more power than cabinet officials – and report directly to the president.  The czars are accountable to him alone and no one knows precisely how much power each of these individuals will wield over our nation’s policies during the next three and a half years.

The main problem with czars is that they are appointed and report directly to the president.  So, unlike most of the high profile positions in the administration, czars are not subject to the scrutiny of Congressional hearings for confirmation nor are they responsible to an electorate.  Therefore, these people are appointed to high public office without being responsible to we the people.  However, unlike private advisors to the president, these czars have an enormous amount  of power.  Their salaries are not public and even the reach of their jurisdiction is unclear.  This is cause for dramatically reduced transparency and without the checks and balances of the Constitution.

We are transforming into more of a fascist type of government than people can image.  For example, fascism calls for government control of business and is set up with a single leader.  Under that leader are high ranking party members in charge of major government agencies which control virtually all facets of the country, both private and government.  Under these “ministers” are even more party leaders.  What transpires between the leader and his ministers are not subject to public scrutiny.  Obama and his multitude of czars are creating this type of structure and it is NOT constitutional.

Of course, just like Obama did not start the out of control spending and raising of deficits, he did not introduce the concept of appointing czars.  He has, however, taken it to a level which would have made Mussolini proud.

Here is an example of how preceding presidents have expanded the number of czars compared to that of President Obama’s group:

President Reagan: 1 Czar

·                       Drug Czar

Carlton Turner: 3/12/1985

President George H. W. Bush: 1 Czar

·                      Drug Czar

William Bennett: 3/10/1989
Robert Martinez: 3/21/1991

President Clinton: 3 Czars

·                       Health Czar

Ira Magaziner: 1993

·                       Drug Czar

Lee Brown: 6/21/1993
Barry McCaffrey: 3/1/1996

·                       AIDS Czar

Kristine M. Gebbie: 6/25/1993
Patricia S. Fleming: 11/10/1994
Sandy Thurman: 4/7/1997

President George W. Bush: 4 Czars

·                       National Intelligence Czar

John D. Negroponte: 4/21/2005
Mike McConnell: 2/13/2007

·                       Cybersecurity Czar

Rod Beckstram: 3/7/2008

·                       AIDS Czar

Scott Evertz: 4/9/2001
Dr. Joseph O’Neill: 7/19/2002

·                       Drug Czar

John Walters: 12/7/2001

President Obama: 16 Czars (and counting)

·                       Drug Czar

Gil Kerlikowske, former Seattle police chief

·                       Energy and Environment Czar

Carol Browner

·                      Homeland Security Czar

John Brennan

·                       Health Czar

Nancy-Ann DeParle

·                       Urban Affairs Czar

Adolfo Carrion, Jr.

·                       Economic Czar

Paul A. Volcker

·                       Regulatory Czar

Cass R. Sunstein

·                       Technology Czar

Vivek Kundra

·                       Government Performance Czar

Jeffrey Zients

·                       Border Czar

Alan Bersin

·                       WMD Policy Czar

Gary Samore

·                       Intelligence Czar

Dennis Blair

·                       Car Czar

Steven Rattner
Ron Bloom

·                       Pay Czar

Kenneth R. Feinberg

·                       Great Lakes Czar

Cameron Davis

·                       Cyber Czar


As it currently stands, the Obama Czars, whose backgrounds cannot be verified, are now extending control over the private lives of American citizens.   We can only wonder what the responsibilities of czars like the Cyber or Tech Czar are and just how much power this individual will be wielding since nobody seems to have the authority to question it or them.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Government of Czars

  1. Yo, 1) Get a dictionay 2) Look up fascism.
    You will see that fascism is, in fact, the exact opposite of what you say it is.
    Fascism is when businesses and corporations run the government, not vice versa. Ya know, like, uh, when Oil Companies write our energy policy and decide when we go to war. Or when chemical corporations write our environmental and pollution laws. Sound familiar? What is happening now is a clean up of eight years of fascism. Eight years of UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. Where were you and your concern for the constitution then??????

    Oh, and by the way, if you are so creeped out by this “shadow government” of mystery men who we “know nothing about” there’s this brand new tool for all of us curious patriots called “google”. Try it out. I mean, after you’re done with the dictionary.

    • It is interesting that someone who points me to a dictionary to learn what a word means can’t spell the word “dictionary” and apparently doesn’t understand the definition contained therein. Every place that I search the word fascism, including Mussolini’s definition proves you wrong.

      I think whoever gave you your marching orders to go on the attack should rethink who they want representing them. Either you don’t follow their instructions well or you are a loose cannon.

      I do find it both interesting and troublesome that the attack dogs of this administration, whether they belong to Acorn or SEIU or whereever always takes the same tactic. Try to discredit the opponent and then making the argument that what ever is being debated is okay for the current Congress or the Administration to do because of what has happened in the past eight years! Always, blame Bush. Never, I repeat Never, provide any defense for what the administration or congressional leadership is doing! I, for one, am not a big fan of the Bush administration either.

      Now, as for the Czars and your suggestion to “Google” the information. I plan to do a bit more than that. I’ve already started researching some of them (it’s hard to keep up with all the appointments!) and I suspect that your handlers will not be thrilled with what I am finding. You should have kept that to yourself, ’cause I plan to do my best at full disclosure of just who they are and what their background is.

      It’s been a pleasure responding to your comment.

  2. Well said Dave, both your article and your response to “SmellMyFinger”. I think the idiot name says a lot.

    All of these czars are a huge concern to me and I don’t understand why there isn’t more outrage over them. We’re up to 34 now and their backgrounds and personal beliefs are frightening. Just how much power do they have and who do they answer to? Are they being paid with my tax dollars (of course they are!)? How much are they being paid? Isn’t this just more unnecessary government spending creating jobs that overlap each other? Of course, with Obama, it’s about acquiring POWER. That’s his real agenda.

    Even though the American people are waking up over the healthcare debacle, they’re ignoring other issues that Obama is going to try to slip in unnoticed…Cap and Trade (Tax) comes to mind. We have to stay on top of the issues. Thank God for talk radio and the internet.

  3. I’ve been doing some investigating on a few of these “czars” & “it weren’t pretty”. There’s convicts, assorted various radicals. All ultra far left, all are anti capitalists. All blame America for every “injustice” in the world.
    Every one of them think marxism/socialism is a much better, more just form of government. All are avowed to bring oppression to the American people. From what I’ve been finding, we’re basicly screwed, aint nothing we can do about this shadow government.
    To all the morons out there, this is exactly why we have a 2nd Amendment! It’s not for duck hunting, there’s no sporting use clause. The 2nd Amendment is We the peoples last & best hope of keeping our Republic. Our founders must be spinning in their graves over the people electing this “man” to the highest office in the land. I don’t think we can last till 2012, obama’s going to drive us to finacial ruin way before 2012!!

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