A Slight Change in Future Content

After some time off, I have decided to slightly change the direction of what I write. 


With the election of 2008 behind us, I am finding a number of people who are in a state of depression or anxiety about what they fear is in store for us in the future.  Too many people are wringing their hands about the last campaign.  Everyone seems to want to cast blame at this candidate or point to that decision that should or shouldn’t have been made.  Many are talking about what this party or that party needs to do and describe how this election proves their point.  


I have a slightly different position.  Barack Obama won the election.  It’s over.  Everyone should wish for a peaceful transition and wise decisions in the future.  Let’s all get busy trying to keep America strong and free.


While I will continue commenting on issues of the day, especially if the press seems to ignore it or sweep it under the rug, I plan to take a more positive approach than the pundits I’ve been watching on tv and reading their opinions and begin the campaign for 2010.  I feel that it is counter-productive to do otherwise at this point because I believe in our system of government.


I plan to highlight office holders, new or potential candidates and other national or local personalities who are supporting views that are both pro-American and pro-Constitution in my opinion.  In other words, I will be highlighting those who I believe to be Patriots and encourage support for them.  At the same time, I will also highlight people who are not what would be considered Patriots in using the same criteria.  I intend to encourage a lack of support for them. 


I will take time to try to bring some historical and current reasons to be proud of our country and our heritage because there is such a lack of it around today.  I will also be bringing to light certain important issues that will be potentially effecting us as citizens or the country as a whole.


I hope the information will prove to be useful and I will try to keep it interesting.  I will continue to welcome comments from readers and suggestions or ideas for future articles.


One thought on “A Slight Change in Future Content

  1. Well said, I am not a patient as you are, and I agree with the assertion in your Bio that we are facing enemies both foreign and domestic. There was no expiration date on the oath every veteran swore to protect our Constitution from those enemies. The question is, is that to defend the Constitution as it was when we swore that oath, or as it is having been compromised from the original intent?

    Just came up with my next blog topic! I like your work. Reasonable and pointed.
    I am at http://www.AmericaInterrupted.com check it out. I would appreciate your feedback

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