Congratulations to Barack Obama

Having won a decisive victory in yesterday’s election, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20th.  I salute President-elect Obama on a brilliant campaign and will support him as our president as long as I do not have to go against my own personal values to do so.  Please don’t take that as a slap at the new president, I would have said the same thing had John McCain won.

I have hope that the nation can begin the healing process that has been long needed.  In his speech in Chicago last night, Obama stated that we will no longer be red states and blue states.  We will be the United States.  That would be a change worth supporting.

I encourage everyone to support the new president.  His administration will be facing serious challenges and the country will continue to face many threats.  It is time to get past the pure partisan political disagreements just for the sake of partisanship’s sake. 

Senator Obama has said that he will work with the opposing party and he will be taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Until he shows that he will not, I will support him as our leader and I will urge others to do so as well. 

If you have a religious background, please say a prayer for our country and our new President.  If you don’t, cross your fingers.


One thought on “Congratulations to Barack Obama

  1. In all seriousness Obama exemplifies such great Presidential qualities and is such an amazing community organizer. No presidential candidate has ever moved the youth of this country before like he has, and its because he doesn’t stand for the selfishness that has been plaguing the American culture for some time now. If we all work together for the greater common good all will be better and every one will be great… Think about a world were instead of hating your neighbor you loved him unconditionally cause they are human beings like your self and you go out of the way to help them when they were down cause you know they would be there for you in a heart beat!! That is a world I wanna live in. Great change is going to take place in this country if we all work together to achieve it. Obama has led such an inspiring life one that breeds great change and up rising for people of all colors and creeds. Seriously, check out this time capzle of his life that’s filled with all the great stuff he has done. I found it a bit ago and it really was the way I learned about Obama…

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