What If We Used Joe Biden’s Plan For Iraq?

Barack Obama selected Senator Joe Biden as a running mate, in part, because of the vast amount of experience Senator Biden has in foreign affairs.  He is said to bring enough to the table to balance out all of the experience Senator Obama lacks in that arena.

So, should we take Joe Biden’s advice?  His plan for Iraq, which he expressed on the floor of the Senate, so I have to assume it was not one of his gaffes and it wasn’t just Joe being Joe, was divide Iraq into three different countries…one Sunni, one Shia and one Kurd.  Joe thought that was the best solution to all of the problems in Iraq.  Civil war would be avoided with Joe’s plan.  Political fighting between the differing groups would be cast aside.  Peace would reign over the former country of Iraq.

So, should WE consider Joe’s plan?  We have been a divided country for years.  The past several elections prove it.  We have our Red States and our Blue States.  We have our liberal elites in the northeast and on the west coast and then there is everything that lies between the two (flyover country).

Secessionist groups have been around for years since the end of our Civil War, but they have grown in strength and numbers in the past year!  The media elites, Hollywood elites and Washington insiders consider those living in middle America as being hicks and hayseeds who are too ignorant to know what is really going on.  Then, we need to face up to the race card being played more often now than any time since the 1960s.

So, using Joe Biden’s plan for Iraq, only making it apply to the United States, we would split the country into three different countries.  Taking all of New England including New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Washington DC and create a new country.  They would all be very happy together knowing how much smarter they are than the rest of the world and could all agree on everything liberal. 

California, Oregon and Washington State could also become their own liberal bastion.  It would be a natural place for several different minority groups to have the influence over their own society that they so deeply desire.  Who knows, the northeast and left coast groups might want to form a united nation albeit separated by the middle of North America.

The middle states would be a more conservative nation of people with a limited government.  They, of course would be sniped at by the two new liberal nations because of the overwhelming amount of ignorance, the lack of culture and funny way of talking, but they would be content to live in peace.

I haven’t quite figured out, using Joe’s plan what would happen to Michigan, the areas immediately surrounding the cities of Chicago and Cleveland or New Orleans. 

Somebody should ask Senator Biden what he would suggest for us with regard to this idea.  Where is Joe?  Has anybody seen him lately?


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