The Big Loser of the 2008 Election

After an entire year of hearing all of the various campaigns try to position themselves by hammering on the Bush administration, I would have to say that one loser will be George Bush.  He has done a lot of the damage to himself with a simply horrific job of managing the country.  Frankly, and many disagree, the tax cuts he implemented were terrific for the economy and his handling of the affairs immediately following the attacks of September 11th were first rate including revamping the intelligence community and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (which was overdue).  From there, it’s hard to find the good things about his administration.  No Child Left Behind, which I think was supposed to have been the foundation of his legacy was never properly funded and was a dud.  His love affair with the leaders of Mexico left our southern borders open to the flood of illegals and, despite the desires of the American public and Congressional legislation, it remains open with little sign of it becoming secure anytime soon.  His Prescription Drug plan is a very expensive bad idea.  The war in Afghanistan was a legitimate endeavour, but the need for a war in Iraq will be argued by historians for years to come.  Then, even though the Bush administration asked Congress to get control of the outrageous lending practices of Freddie and Fannie, he will get the blame for the economic collapse we are currently suffering through.  But he is not the big loser for 2008.

At this point in time, it is impossible for me to have a clue which candidate will win the election on November 4th.  Whoever is not selected as the next President of the United States, will be a loser by definition.  I think, either way, both political parties are losers in this campaign.  The Democratic Party has been highjacked by the extreme left wing of their party and I feel sorry for the dedicated Democrats who are more moderate.  I used to be one of them and got fed up with the direction of the party several years ago.  The Republican Party apparently decided that they should throw off the conservative wing and the evangelical wings of their party in an attempt to appeal to moderate Democrats and Independents.  That has not worked out so well for them this year.  The Democrats nominated the most liberal candidate in American history and the most underqualified for the job, while the Republicans nominated a candidate that would not get a majority of dedicated, hard-core Republicans to vote for him if he were running against anyone other than his opponent in this election.  But the political parties aren’t the big losers this year.

Most of you think that the next thing on my list would be the American people, so let’s discuss it.  The American people are indeed extreme losers in this election cycle.  We’ve all had to suffer through the endless campaign that has even die-hard political junkies like myself longing for the end of it all.  I’m actually a little surprised that someone hasn’t announced their candidacy for the 2012 Presidential campaign yet.  I’m sure there is some planning under way by several possible candidates!  The American people have been so overwhelmed by sound bites and news reports that it has become irritating.  One of things that I think has caused the American people to be losers in this election is the idea of early voting.  I know it sounds like a good idea because it is sometimes hard to get to the polling places on election day, but there are arguments to be made against it as well.  For instance, in my home state of Florida I know several people who voted for their choices of Fred Thompson and Rudy Giulliani and the voted early before the primary.  Unfortunately, by the time the primary date rolled around, Thompson was out of the race and Rudy might as well have been.  I know several people  who feel that their votes were wasted.  The American people, while suffering through this painful election year are not the big losers of the year.

The mainstream media has been in the tank for Barack Obama since the beginning.  Oh, there were a few reporters still supported Hillary out of loyalty (or possibly fear) and several made themselves seem friendly to John McCain.  They all joined the Obama tide before anyone was nominated by either party.  The reporting, if you can call it reporting, was so favorable to Obama by both television and print medias that he wouldn’t have needed to spend any money on advertising if he didn’t want to.  (As much money as he raised, he could have paid for his health care plan with the money instead!)  One of the results of the reporting is the lack of readers and viewers that they are experiencing.

When the election is over, Americans will adjust to whoever is their next President.  That has been the beauty of the American system of government.  We have always had a peaceful transfer of leadership.  When the election is over, however, the American people will not forget, nor will they forgive the slanted news that media has provided this year.  The press has not asked any hard question of Senator Obama, nor have they investigated and reported on his experience.  They have gone out of their way to dig for any dirt they could find on any of his opponents, from Clinton to McCain/Palin.  And the opponents’ families, their associates, their records, their spending habits and even their email accounts were fair game to pro-Obama reporting.  Americans don’t like unfair tactics or unfair reporting.  Americans will end up punishing the press.  Take a look at readership of the major newspapers.  Compare viewership of Fox News compared to any other news organization.  The big losers for the 2008 is the mainstream media.  They have lost their credibility and they have lost the confidence of the American people!


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