I’ve been telling my wife for several months that the economy is not looking good.  I’ve told her that I’ve read and heard things that the politicians and news anchors aren’t saying.  I urged her to buy gold instead of investing in a new CD.  I must admit that I didn’t sound very convincing.  Our national leaders kept saying that things were okay and the news never sounded like we were in serious trouble.  “Perhaps a little down-turn in the economy,” they would be saying, “but nothing too serious.”

Last week the whole country got a wake-up call that the economy is on the verge of collapse.  Banks had been going under for a month or two now and, still it took the Secretary of the Treasury and the President requesting a $700 billion bailout to keep us from the next Great Depression.  My wife started getting more nervous at this, but didn’t want to hear details of how bad it was and how bad it is going to be.  She doesn’t deal well with anxiety.  She felt if she didn’t hear too much…if she didn’t grasp the situation fully then perhaps it would pass without too much pain.

Last night, we were watching an old rerun of the movie Titanic on television and it was at the point not far after the ship had hit the iceberg and they were beginning putting the First Class passengers on what lifeboats were available.  It was exactly then that my wife said to me, “It’s not fair.  All the people in charge made decisions that ended up getting all those people killed and the rich are helped into lifeboats while the lower class remained locked below decks.”  Reality had hit her with the help of Hollywood!  “My God, its the same thing that’s happening to the country!”

That is a pretty good comparison, I think.  The United States and the Titanic.

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