Palin and Biden Aren’t That Important

All of the talk about Sarah Palin’s interviews over the past couple of weeks and how it proves she isn’t qualified for the job no longer makes sense.  At the same time, all of examples of Joe Biden not being able to talk for ten minutes or more without making a gaffe of his own doesn’t matter.

The only reason anyone cares about either one is because the current administration utilized the Vice President more actively (for good or bad depending upon your opinion) than any in recent memory.  Gore wasn’t a big deal in the Clinton administration and Bush didn’t do much that we can remember in Reagan’s either.  Walter Mondale is probably just as happy to not be remembered so much for the Carter administration.  Many don’t even remember if Ford had a Vice President and Nixon’s guy, Agnew is only remembered because he resigned.  I could go on and on, but the point is that after election day, we may never hear from these two again.

The second point should be, if Congress passes the current bailout package, complete with the “sweeteners” that will help get votes on the Hill, we should have the right to know who McCain and Obama plan to install as Secretary of Treasury.  That person will have MUCH more influence over each of us than either Biden or Palin!!!


One thought on “Palin and Biden Aren’t That Important

  1. Obviously you’re concerned about what’s happening in DC. Please see my blog. It’s urgent that we send a message to the Senate they aren’t going to get off free by rerouting the bailout bill their to avoid retribution in November. There are some tools to help do it.

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