Senator Clinton Speaks to the Democrats

Senator Hillary Clinton made her much anticipated speech at the Democratic Convention in Denver tonight.  It was no doubt the best speech given so far and spoke of the issues of interest to Democrats.  She said several times that they need to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.

Interestingly enough, following the speech there was a division of thoughts about the speech by the networks.  MSNBC spokesmen immediately said that it was a “home run…out of the park!”  CNN  commentators said that it was a good speech and that she made the case to her followers to get behind the candidate.  FOX, on the other hand, said that she did what she had to do, but at no time said that she felt Barack Obama would be good president.

I watched the speech and felt closer to what the FOX crew said.  I think that if you change some of the words and leave out the parts about the current campaign, she can use the same speech outline when she announces that she is a candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2012!


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