What, If Anything, To Do About Russia’s Attack on Georgia

I am foremost against involving American forces in another front of combat.  Our ground forces are exhausted already and stretched too thin to do anything on the ground to assist our ally, Georgia.

The United Nations will not act in any manner that will stop the ultimate goals of Russia.  Those goals undoubtedly have to do with the control of the oil pipeline that runs through Georgia.  It is also a test, similar to what the Germans did when they marched into and occupied the Rhineland in March 1936.  While the Germans wanted the territory, they feared that France or England would use force to stop them from taking it.  As it turned out, nobody was willing to fight the Nazis over the Rhineland and they grew bolder in the future.  Don’t be surprised if the ultimate goal is to annex the entire country!

NATO as a group won’t do anything other than issue “strongly worded statements” condemning the attack.  It is unlikely that the organization is unified on what to do.

The European Union will also make strong statements and will actually get involved in shuttle diplomacy to end the fighting, but what else.

The United States must make a decision.  Do we allow this invasion to succeed in the destruction of an ally and do we allow the Russians to pull, by force, one of the old Soviet states back into the fold?  Do we need to wait for the UN to act?  Do we need to sit with our European partners and get their permission to act?  Will Congress come off vacation to discuss the matter? 

The President should issue a statement to the Russian government that they should immediately stop pressing further into Georgian territory until diplomats can have a chance to negotiate a settlement.  They should be told to discontinue military flights in internationally recognized Georgian airspace.

They should be informed that the US would begin to send medical and humanitarian aid to Georgia immediately and, if necessary, would use US airpower to protect those shipments.

What would doing nothing say to our friends in Taiwan, or Latvia, or Estonia, or anywhere else?


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