Use Al Gore’s Personal Plan for Carbon Offset

In February 2007, Al Gore won an Oscar for best documentary with his Inconvenient Truth.  The next day, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR) uncovered that the former Vice President’s private home in Nashville consumes twenty time the amount of energy of the average American home.

Following the TCPR report, the Gore’s went to exhaustive measures to upgrade their home with all of the newest “green” technology available.  Yes, he started using all of the things he wants all Americans to use to make their homes more efficient.  After adding solar panels and a geothermal system, after replacing all of the light bulbs with the new “more efficient” type and modifying his windows and duct work, after all of hoopla, he found that he is now consuming 10% more energy than before the modifications.

Now, Al is a spokesman for the environment so he travels a lot and has to use a private jet and has to leave the engines running on his limo so the air conditioned inside will be the proper temperature when he is done speaking, but don’t worry, he’ buying carbon offsets for the home, the jet and the cars.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the carbon offsets he is buying is investments in either his own companies or those that he has a personal financial interest in!

So here’s my plan to get us all off the hook and make the country green without costing us much and without ruining our lives.  Since Congress seems to be hell-bent on telling companies how they should run their business and spend their money, they should simply tell all of the companies that manage all of our retirement funds or 401k’s that they will be required to invest in the same companies that Al Gore is investing in.  That way, we too will have our carbon offsets and can continue living as we like. 

Al Gore will like the idea, because all of the money pouring into his companies will make him a rich(er) man and that is, after all, the only thing he is really interested in!


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