The Border Situation is Not Good

The situation on our southern border continues to get worse.  While neither the U.S. government or the Mexican government shows any desire to control the border, the threat of violence and crime continues to increase on the U.S. side.

Thomason Hospital in El Paso, Texas has received 22 patients so far this year who are believed to be victims of drug wars in Mexico.  The most recent situation forced the hospital to be placed in “lockdown” by El Paso and federal law enforcement authorities last month, when a Chihuahua Police Commander was being treated for gunshot wounds he received when his SUV was ambushed in an assassination attempt on the streets of Juarez.

Law enforcement armed with assault weapons stood guard outside the hospital and all doors were locked with the only access allowed being through the emergency room where all visitors were required to pass through a metal detector.

The reason for the security precautions was apparently to protect against the possibility that the drug cartels that attempted to kill him in Juarez, might come across the border to finish the job.  There are also reports that Mexican hospital personnel have been killed for providing medical assistance to members of the police, which would lead one to believe that the protection of the staff at Thomason Hospital was a reason.

Granted, this is only one hospital in one city, but I have to wonder why you haven’t heard about it unless you watch either Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck.  Every other American media outlet outside of El Paso seems to have missed what is happening.

Apparently, Congress has missed the story as well.  Where is at least some support for border patrol and law enforcement on the border?  Where’s the fence?!


One thought on “The Border Situation is Not Good

  1. When there is a difference in income levels on each side of the border then people from the poorer side will do they can to be on the richer side. As they say grass looks greener on the other side. As long as Mexico has high level of poverty drug and human smugglers will find people to work for them. So lets have a fight against poverty to solve this problem.

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